US withdrawal from Afghanistan: Biden makes a statement

US President Joe Biden The American leader appealed to the nation regarding the end of the US 20-year war in Afghanistan. US President Joe Biden stated that it was no longer in the national interest of the United States to continue the war in Afghanistan and that the withdrawal of American troops from the republic […]

US struck first blow on Somali militants since Biden came to power

Nobody was hurt as a result of the impact The final assessment of the results of the operation will be given after the end of the fighting between the Somali forces and the militants. For the first time since the inauguration of US President Joe Biden, Washington struck at the Al-Shabab terrorist group in Somalia. […]

Stuttgart Marketing rents space for the new Tourism House

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Germany intends to keep gas transit through Ukraine

Photo: Ukrtransgaz Berlin plans to keep the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine to Europe Berlin states that the completion of the construction of Nord Stream-2 will not interfere with maintaining gas transit through the territory of Ukraine. The German authorities are seeking to preserve the transit of Russian gas to Europe through Ukraine for […]

Three killed in a shooting at a graduation party in Florida

PHOTO: Pixabay Three people were killed and six were injured in another shooting in the United States at a graduation party in Florida, the Associated Press reported, citing police in the southernmost US state. The party at a mall ended when one or more cars opened fire on the crowd around 2 a.m. this morning. […]

Your chin will fall when you see these graduates in Haskovo! PHOTOS

A strong and attractive start to the week of the balls in Haskovo was set on Saturday night by the high school graduates from the Vocational School of Woodworking and Construction “Tsar Ivan-Assen II”, writes Beautiful and in good spirits, the young people and their relatives complied with all the requirements and measures imposed […]

A decrease in the incidence of COVID-19 is recorded in the world

WHO records a decrease in the incidence of COVID-19 in the world for the second week For the second week in a row, the increase in new cases of coronavirus has been declining, but “it is still far from the end of the pandemic,” the WHO stressed. Globally, the number of new cases of COVID-19 […]

Tod’s, LVMH buys 2.25 million shares and rises to 10% – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, APRIL 22 – “LVMH increases the stake already held in Tod’s by up to 10%”; “With this operation, the twenty-year friendship between the Arnault family and the Della Valle family is consolidated”, announces a note. Diego Della Valle & C, a company controlled by Diego Della Valle, has signed a contract with […]

Statement by Anett Richter, Branch Manager Aengevelt Dresden: Build more offices!

Anett Richter, Branch Manager Aengevelt Dresden Aengevelt has been experiencing tension in the Dresden office market for a long time due to stable sales figures and, above all, too little new construction activity. There are currently some larger projects such as B. the new Technical Town Hall with 40,000 m², the new headquarters of the […]

Insurance is liable for company closure due to corona pandemic

Dipl.-Jur. Jens Usebach LL.M. Lawyer for dismissal protection & labor law The District Court of Munich I ruled on October 22nd, 2020 for file number 12 O 5868/20 that the operator of an inn can demand compensation from her insurance company in the amount of 427,169.86 euros due to the corona-related business closure. From the […]