This is how it was for the celebrities who debuted in these elections

Several celebrities, including singers, wrestlers, actors and athletes, debuted in these elections as politicians in search of a popularly elected position. But one day before the voting and according to preliminary results, most of them could not reach the necessary support to win the position. Rommel pacheco Olympic diver Rommel Pacheco is so far one […]

Mother’s day. Greatest Inspirational Athletes: Their Moms

Without a doubt, the mother is the person who most motivates us to get ahead, the one who inspires us the most, the one who plays the most important role in the life of each person. There is only one mother and in this regard, athletes are not far behind, mothers are key to the […]

Titans, without margin of error in the Champions League Americas

Titanes de Barranquilla jumps this Sunday, at 6:10 pm, to the arena of the Roberto Durán Arena, in Panama City, in search of qualification for the second round (known as ‘Final 8’) of the Champions League Americas . The Barranquilla quintet, which rested the first day of this third window that has Caballos de Coclé […]

Running, a safe haven for athletes in times of covid

In recent months, the ways of practicing sport have changed radically. Since the confinement of March, the popular sportsman, The amateur seeks refuge in those disciplines that meet two main parameters: that they can be practiced outdoors and that they are safe, with a minimum risk of contagion. There is a sport that meets both […]

Celebrities and athletes protesting president Joe Biden – Noticieros Televisa

This January 20, 2021 became a historic day for the U.S. After a tumultuous electoral process, various protests and the taking of the Capitol, Joe Biden took protest to become the president number 46 from the North American country, an act that did not go unnoticed by figures from politics, sports and the entertainment world. […]

Famous people who died in 2020 and not because of covid

MEXICO CITY. During this year, many celebrities, from actors to athletes, lost their lives and not precisely because of covid-19. Whether it was due to age, a terminal illness, depression or an accident, several celebrities left this year, leaving great sadness among their loyal followers. Therefore in this PHOTO GALLERY we remember those ffamous people […]