Sareb forces the eviction of 12 families from flats in Silleda

Block of repossessed homes on Emilio Alonso Paz street. | // BERNABÉ / JAVIER LALÍN New turn of the screw in the controversy of the floors of the Emilio Alonso Paz street that Promoval built and that are in the hands of the Society of Assets from Bank Restructuring (Sareb). If last December gas meters […]

The spending storm that haunts families

María Ángeles, who has heart disease, migrated from the former Spanish colony of Equatorial Guinea. Then she had her son in Valencia and raises him alone. “We live in a rented apartment which, miraculously, we got. Diego is a very quiet boy who is usually in his room and helps me cook, wash the dishes […]

the hope of an answer for the eleven families

This article is for subscribers only Posted on 25/06/2021 at 13:37 The health authorities will present next week to the parents concerned the result of their investigations into the suspicions of a cluster around Pont-de-l’Arche and Igoville. In the meantime, new cases have been identified. Finally. After long months of waiting, it may be the […]

Development of a family emergency plan for COVID-19 – Parents

By the staff of Reading time: 3 minutes Five practical steps to help you protect your home during the coronavirus outbreak. The coronavirus continues to have a serious impact on Texas communities. Hand washing, the use of masks in public and the practice of social distancing are still critical measures when it comes to […]