AMD’s New Product Lines at CES 2022, Gahar!

Jakarta – AMD showcased its new line of products at CES 2022, from start Ryzen 6000 for laptops to new GPUs. Most of the new products that AMD exhibited at the annual event were intended for laptop devices, although some were positioned for desktop devices. AMD’s biggest announcement at CES 2022 is of course the […]

Intel’s 12th Generation Chip Claimed Better Than Apple’s M1 Max

INTEL just announced the 12th generation mobile processor and they proudly declare it to be the fastest in the world, beating even the Apple M1 Max and AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX. This is a remarkable achievement and as proof that Intel is advancing rapidly. According to the page 9to5Mac, Intel uploaded impressive results of its […]

Asus ROG Flow Z13 Gaming Tablet Released with 12th Gen Intel Core i9 Chip

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Because not many gaming tablets use the Windows operating system from Microsoft, ROG . Division Asus leverages one of Intel’s latest 12th generation processors and a mid-range Nvidia GPU to create the world’s most powerful gaming tablet, the recently released ROG Flow Z13. ROG Flow Z13 It’s a very portable device—the screen […]

12th Generation Intel Processors Support IoT Deployments in Various Industries

Jakarta: At CES 2022, Intel announced the 12th generation Alder Lake S-series and H-series processors to support the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. Intel said the new processors offer increased core counts and advanced graphics/media/screen and AI capabilities, wider price ranges, performance, and power for retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and digital safety. “From supporting richer visual […]

28 Intel 12th Generation Processors to Mobile, Use Iris Xe and Thunderbolt 4

Jakarta: Intel announced the latest mobile processor of the 12th generation or 12th Gen Intel Core that uses the Alder Lake code. This processor was previously available on a PC or desktop. In an announcement at the 2022 Consumer Electronic Show, Intel claimed that this processor has up to 40 percent of the performance of […]

12th Gen Intel Core Processors Designed for IoT and Edge Computing

loading… At CES 2022 in Las Vegas, Intel released its 12th Gen Intel processors. Photo: Engadget dock JAKARTA – Intel launches processors Intel Core 12th generation with the password names Alder Lake S-series and H-series on the title CES 2022 . This is the first processor family to be upgraded with an architecture for hybrid […]

Acer machines are leveling everything

True to its good habit, Acer has crammed all the new technology it has just announced into its new machines, and even in the spring, you can experience what a bloody 2022 PC looks like. January 4th was a busy day: Intel, AMD and Nvidia poured new chips and technologies around our necks, and they […]

Intel is making the AVX-512 unavailable with a new update

Fresh Desktop Core CPUs don’t officially support this feature anyway, only motherboard manufacturers have been tricked, but it’s slowly coming to an end. Last summer we wrote about itthat the AVX-512, perhaps the world’s most vomited set of instructions, got a serious stomach from Intel itself. The company Alder Lake codenamed CPU although its high-performance […]

Replace Intel Chips With Homemade, This Is The Impact Apple Feels

Apple’s M1 chip. ( – Apple has officially replaced chip Intel on their laptops and computers in 2020. What did this company find after the change chip? Instead of chips Intel, Apple uses chip M1 their own making. It turned out that this replacement was the right decision, and brought success. April 2021, Apple […]

It turns out that the ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 Hero motherboards die

It seems that a poorly soldered capacitor is what promises owners the use of a powder extinguisher. Hirdetés The lives of users who want to get their new Intel Alder Lake-S processor ASUS ROG Z690 Hero the motherboard was chosen as a companion because several disturbing phenomena have been reported in connection with their latest […]