Register GSB, Loans, Fundamental Empowerment through MyMo app today until the end.

openRegister GSB, Loans, FoundationThrough the app MyMo Another round today (25 Jan ’64) at 5:00 am until the credit limit is exhausted. Government Savings Bank opens registration for loans to enhance foundation power Open for borrowers again on 25 Jan ’64 from 5:00 am onwards or until the credit limit is exhausted. For those who […]

“The highest budget deficit in our contemporary history”

The budget deficit almost doubled last year and ultimately reached 178.2 billion euros. After announcing tens of billions of euros to deal with the coronavirus crisis since last March, the time to take stock of the money actually spent to date has come for the government. The Bercy teams see a clearer picture of the […]

Even if the apartment acquisition fund, detour donation, and employee salary camouflage, it is all caught by the National Tax Service.

Disclosure of cases of real estate evasion tax investigation by the National Tax Service Following the outflow of corporate funds, we mobilized even the rehabilitation technique… ‘Real Estate Brokerage Corporation’ for regular customers of tax audit As the National Tax Service’s planning investigation on real estate tax evasion has been strengthened, unusual tax evasion methods […]

Half of the spending amount is almost 50,000 million baht.

Collection Half eachAccumulated spending amounted to nearly 50,000 million baht Ms. Kulaya Tantitemit, acting director of the Fiscal Policy Office Ministry of Finance spokesman Mention of progressHalf the project As of December 27, 2020 at 9:00 p.m., more than 1.1 million merchants have registered to participate in the program and 9,565,644 users have been exercised, […]

GSB adds digital GSB lottery rewards for 1 year by 20 million baht for the New Year 2021.

Mr. Vitai Rattanakorn, Director of Government Savings Bank Mr.Withai Rattanakorn, Government Savings Bank Director, stated that the Government Savings Bank would like to give a special gift to those who deposit.GSB lotteryDigital 1 year with 20 special prizes, 1 million baht per prize, in 2 prizes, 10 prizes each time, February 16, ’64 and March […]