Arms deliveries: Switzerland is reaching the limits of neutrality

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Chvančarová quit acting: She wants to have free evenings

But the actress also gave up the boards that sign the world. “Before I had children, I recorded quite a lot in the theater, but now I don’t want to sacrifice those evenings. So I decided to limit it,” the mother of ten-year-old daughter Elenka and four-year-old son Theodor explained on the Jan Krause Show. […]

Mia Deubner designs recruiting and personnel development for DONAU Versicherung

Since January 1, 2023, HR expert Mia Deubner has headed the newly founded “Recruiting and Personnel Development” department at DONAU. Vienna (OTS) – Mia Deubner studied international business administration at the University of Vienna and has extensive professional experience in human resources. Among other things, she worked for the News publishing group and the WU […]

Jiřina Bohdalová cut with the theater: An actor must be fit, she added

Bohdalova because she blew the whistle on all theater performances. “But it’s fair to say that I don’t feel at 100 percent performance these days. An actor must be fit,” the actress confided to the daily Blesk. This fact was also confirmed by her friend and at the same time the director of the Theater […]

Gareth Bale announces his retirement from football: I feel very lucky

Welsh footballer Gareth Bale has announced his retirement from club and international football, effectively ending his career. “After careful and thoughtful consideration, I announce my immediate retirement from club and international football,” Bale wrote on his social media account. “I feel very lucky to have fulfilled my dream of playing the sport that I love. […]

China’s post-2000 snooker champion has been revealed to be severely sentenced: banned for several years and directly stripped of professional qualifications – yqqlm

Original title: China’s post-2000 snooker champion to be severely sentenced: banned for several years and directly stripped of professional qualifications On January 5, Beijing time, according to media reports, Yan Bingtao, the post-2000 Chinese snooker champion, was suspected of manipulating the game: he will be heavily sentenced and stripped of his professional qualifications. Currently, 10 […]

Stray Kids won a career-high spotify debut album

  China Entertainment News On December 30, according to Korean media reports, the boy group Stray Kids recently won Spotify’s best debut album, setting a career high. The digital album “SKZ-REPLAY” released by Stray Kids on December 21st won the “USA top album debut” in the latest chart (12.23~12.25) of Spotify, the world’s largest music […]