3.7% of Osakidetza workers have rejected the Covid-19 vaccine

A health worker receives the vaccine. 1,573 employees refused to receive the immunization while another 281 did not receive the injectable due to their health status M.M Saturday 23 October 2021, 16:37 A total of 1,573 workers from Osakidetza (3.74% of the total) and 521 from residences for the Basque elderly have so far rejected […]

Businesses in the largest economy are asking: Where have 4.3 million people disappeared?

Autumn should mark the end of the shortage of employees plaguing the world’s largest economy. Additional unemployment benefits are expiring. Schools are opening, allowing many parents to take on the task of looking after their children all day. So economists and entrepreneurs thought there would be a flood of employees, writes The New York Times. […]

Pimec asks to suspend employment and salary to workers without covid certificate

The general secretary of Pimec, Josep Ginesta, defends this measure to create safe work spaces The employer estimates that around 350,000 Catalan workers are still not vaccinated The general secretary of Pimec, Josep Ginesta, has asked suspend employment and salary to workers who do not have a covid certificate. That is, both those who do […]

In the capital’s botanical garden, a woman was beaten with a bat

Photo: planetofhotels In Kiev, a man in a botanical garden attacked a woman with a stroller The first aid was provided to the woman by a casual passer-by, then the workers of the botanical garden came running to the place of the emergency. In Kiev, in the Grishko Botanical Garden, at about 11 am, an […]

Lithuania proposes to introduce a four-day working week

Photo: Getty Lithuania may introduce a four-day working week for civil servants The innovation will apply only to employees of state and municipal enterprises. The Speaker of the Lithuanian Parliament Viktoria Chmilyte-Nielsen proposed to establish a four-day working week for employees of the state and municipal sector, who earlier return from parental leave. It is […]

House collapse in Batumi: charges brought against three persons

Photo: twitter.com/CostaRica_24 The entrance of an apartment building collapsed in Batumi Nine people became victims of the tragedy, including three minors. The prosecutor’s office intends to demand the arrest of the accused. On the fact of the collapse of a residential building in the center of Batumi, as a result of which nine people died, […]

Belarus announced the liquidation of the “extremist network” of workers

Photo: Tut.by Strike at Grodnoazot in Belarus (archive photo) The KGB reported on the liquidation of the “extremist organization” Rabochy Rukh, which consisted of employees of Belarusian enterprises who opposed Lukashenka’s government. The KGB of Belarus announced the liquidation of an “organized extremist network” called Rabochy Rukh. This was announced on September 29 by the […]

In Germany, gas supplier stopped working due to high prices

Gas prices are high in Europe To preserve jobs, DEP decided to focus on services in the energy sector. In Germany, industrial gas supplier Deutsche Energiepool (DEP) has negotiated contracts with customers due to high market prices. This is reported on her website Friday, September 24th. “Many of our clients have received from us termination […]

Results 18.09: Strengthening air defense and Gymnasiade-2023

Photo: facebook.com/PvkCenter Subdivisions of radio-technical and anti-aircraft missile forces moved into position In the north of Ukraine, the anti-missile defense system has been strengthened; Ukraine received the right to host the Winter Gymnasiade in 2023. Korrespondent.net highlights the main events of yesterday. The military has strengthened the air defense system in the Chernihiv region As […]

Mandatory vaccination for medics wants Kunchev (Obzor)

7,000 health workers fired in Greece for refusing a needle are closing clinics Medical and social workers should be required to be vaccinated to reduce the risk of transmitting the coronavirus. Such a proposal was made by the Chief State Health Inspector Assoc. Prof. Angel Kunchev to the government. Already on the threshold of the […]