Tasks: The next Exynos circuit is displayed at the same time as the Galaxy S22

Samsung has now confirmed that their new Exynos 2200 chip will be unveiled at the same time as the Samsung Galaxy S22, reports Business Korea. Earlier, Samsung indicated that they would present the Exynos 2200 on January 11, but the date came and went without anything happening. The upcoming circuit is said to have a […]

Types of Output and Additional Hardware Systems on the Computer, Read More

PortalJember.com – There are some things to understand about the device on computer. Basically system it includes system hardware output and addition. Output devices are useful for issuing CPU processing results such as writing graphics, images, sounds and others. Quoted PortalJember.com From the Computer Basics Book written by Yahfizam, published in 2019, the following types […]

28 Intel 12th Generation Processors to Mobile, Use Iris Xe and Thunderbolt 4

Jakarta: Intel announced the latest mobile processor of the 12th generation or 12th Gen Intel Core that uses the Alder Lake code. This processor was previously available on a PC or desktop. In an announcement at the 2022 Consumer Electronic Show, Intel claimed that this processor has up to 40 percent of the performance of […]

CES: TCL will release mini-LED and 144 Hz TVs

In connection with this year’s CES trade fair, TCL Electronics now announces that it will soon launch a whole series of mini-led devices with a 144 Hz refresh rate. The TV sets will be presented on the Nordic market in the spring. The devices in TCL’s new series will have over 1,000 local dimming zones, […]

CES: Samsung Releases Portable Projector Support for Battery Operation

At the CES show on Wednesday, Samsung will release a new variant of a portable projector that we have not seen before. The Freestyle is a round, portable projector, intended to be moved around the home, and even used outside the home. The Freestyle is explicitly aimed at Gen Z and millennials, Samsung writes in […]

Nvidia presents its new laptop cards 3080 Ti and 3070 Ti

In connection with a virtual CES presentation, Nvidia has presented two new graphics cards aimed at latops, Geforce RTX 3080 Ti and Geforce RTX 3070 Ti. RTX 3080 Ti has 16 gigabytes of gddr6 memory and according to Nvidia should be able to reach 120 frames per second with the highest graphics settings and 1440p […]

Gurman: Convinced that Apple has a new screen in the works

In a new issue by Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurmans newsletter Power On writes Gurman that he is “strongly convinced” that Apple will “launch a new external monitor for its latest Macs”. Gurman further writes that he believes that the screen “will be a hot candidate for those who want a larger screen for their new […]

Rigetti shows quantum processor of 80 qubits

Quantum computer startup Rigetti has now presented its new Aspen-M quantum processor of 40 qubits, reports Ars Technica. Rigetti has also made sure that two quantum processors can be connected to create a quantum processor of 80 qubits. According to Rigetti, the processor should also reduce the error margin for the qubit reading stage by […]

Intel has built a secret warehouse in Costa Rica

Since 2019, Intel has a laboratory and warehouse in a secret location in Costa Rica that the company filled with its old hardware, reports The Wall Street Journal. Intel will start the warehouse as a security yard to fix deficiencies that are discovered in old hardware and to security test new software and hardware. The […]