The Czech lion distributed nominations to Zátopek and the Occupation

Zátopek and Okupace have thirteen nominations for the Czech Lion. Zátopek is a high-budget film based on Czech standards, with a well-executed set design and acting performances, which, however, is a bit trampled in by what the authors, led by director David Ondříček, wanted to say about one of the most famous Czech athletes. Zátopek […]

Around 60,000 additional jobs by 2040

Assembly of a Porsche engine The construction of electric vehicles is less labor-intensive than that of combustion engines. (Photo: dpa) Berlin If the desired mobility turnaround becomes a reality, around 60,000 additional jobs could be created by 2040. The employment effects are distributed very differently from region to region. The biggest winners include Berlin, the […]

Drive My Car |

Content / criticism “Drive My Car” // Start in Germany: December 23, 2021 (cinema) Film and theater are the themes that director and actor Yusuke Kafuku (Hidetoshi Nishijima) with his wife Oto (Reika Kirishima), a screenwriter for Japanese television. So for Yusuke it has become an integral part of his everyday life that he listens […]

Reznikov spoke about the use of Bayraktar in Donbass

We do not violate the Minsk agreements – Reznikov It was one clear shot and now, according to intelligence, the occupation forces are afraid to serve on such installations, the head of the Defense Ministry noted. The use of Bayraktar attack drones was a forced and one-time measure to destroy enemy weapons. About it stated […]

Tunisia: the president appoints a woman premier – World

Tunisian President Kaïs Saïed has instructed Néjla Bouden to form the government. This was announced in a brief press release from the Presidency specifying that this decision was adopted pursuant to article 16 of presidential decree 117 relating to exceptional measures. It is the first time in the Arab world that a woman has been […]

They will be held accountable: Syria vows to respond to hostilities from Turkey

The Syrian Foreign Ministry condemns the hostile practices and violations of its sovereignty and independence by Turkey during the crisis in the Arab country. “Syria condemns the hostile Turkish practices and considers them an act of aggression and violation of its sovereignty and independence, and part of the aggressive policies followed by the Turkish regime […]

Squatting his house ruined him, but justice gives him a second chance

He bought a flat in 2005 when banks were giving mortgages to those who could pay them and also to those who could not. Perhaps you thought that with your job as a municipal clerk you could cope with one of 112.000 euros, but what he did not have is that, before he came to […]

Kate |

Content / criticism “Kate” // Germany launch: September 10, 2021 (Netflix) Actually, it’s Kate (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), which is responsible for the death of others. The hit man has countless on her conscience since she was a child of Varrick (Woody Harrelson) learned the art of killing. But first one mission goes wrong, later she […]

Your best years |

Content / criticism “Your best years” // Start of Germany: November 29, 1999 (ZDF) In the life of Vera Kemp (Martina Gedeck) nothing is missing: She is happily married, has a son, and financially, the company heiress is well looked after, while she treats herself to a personal dream with the publication of art books. […]