Main Symptoms of Omicron Variant Cough, Nasal Congestion to Shortness of Breath

JAKARTA, – Chair of the Infection Working Group for the Central Management of the Indonesian Lung Doctors Association (PDPI), Erlina Burhan, said data from a number of studies showed that symptom Most complained of Omicron infection patient is cough. He said the symptoms were different from the complaints of patients infected with the Delta […]

“They demand a PCR test while I am vaccinated!”

Published on Tuesday, January 18, 2022 at 5:13 p.m. Through Francoise De Halleux A patient calls our editorial staff in “state of shock”. She does not understand why the UZ Brussel, where she is followed for thyroid problems, requires her to have a negative PCR test before a respiratory examination, even though she is vaccinated. […]

Wow, the Number of HIV/AIDS Patients in Surabaya is the Highest in East Java East Java – The chairman of the PSI faction of the Surabaya City DPRD, Tjutjuk Supariono, asked the local health office (Dinkes) to immediately take a policy to reduce the number of HIV/AIDS infections. Data from the East Java Health Office states that in 2021 the number of HIV/AIDS patients in Surabaya will be […]

‘Florona’ Double Infection of COVID-19 and Influenza Found in Israel

WONOSOBO NEWS – Israel report presence infection double Covid-19 and influenza known as Florona. Quoted from NDTV, Tuesday, January 3, Israel record the first case disease “Florona“, infection double COVID-19 and influenza, Arab News said Thursday. “#Israel record the first case disease #florona, infection double #COVID19 dan influenza,” tweet Arab News. Also Read: Rating Drama […]

Scientists Find Early Ovarian Cancer Develops in High-Risk Women

VOX TIMOR – Cancer ovary is one of the leading causes of death in most woman. This is because the symptoms are often subtle and most tumors are not detected until an advanced stage or have spread to other tissues. Life time risk cancer on population woman in general it is 2 percent, but for […]

Vaccination only brings deeper rifts

December 2, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. Interview with the medical ethicist Dominik Groß : “A compulsory vaccination only brings deeper rifts” Vaccination opponents in Austria. Photo: dpa / Georg Hochmuth Do we need a general vaccination requirement? The Aachen medical ethicist Dominik Groß rejects them. A consistent 2G regulation would achieve a lot. The debate […]