Obstetrician with Controversial Past Dies in Self-Made Plane Crash

Morris Wortman, a 72-year-old obstetrician and gynecologist in New York, USA, was flying a self-made plane on the 28th when his body suddenly disintegrated in the air, and eventually he and the pilot Earl Luce Jr both crashed and died. (Photo/Facebook/Morris Wortman, 1440 Daily Digest) An American obstetrician and gynecologist has been accused in the […]

Seven Foods with High Glycemic Index to Avoid for Diabetics.

Food selection plays a major role in controlling diabetes, along with drug treatment and physical activity. If you have diabetes, your body can’t make or use insulin properly. This leads to high blood sugar levels. Healthy eating helps balance your blood sugar within the target range. It is an important part of diabetes management, because […]

Fourth woman in New York likely to be cured of HIV and leukemia

The transplantation of special stem cells from umbilical cord blood has very likely cured a New York patient of both her leukemia and her HIV disease. This is reported by US scientists in the journal Cell. It would be the first successful treatment of a non-white woman.

A patient from a town in Zamora with cancer, without an ambulance for transfers

“I have to look for life to be able to get to my chemotherapy sessions in Zamora from Olmillosbecause they deny me the ambulance”. Pura is a neighbor of Olmillos de Valverde diagnosed with breast cancer in the left breast. This neighbor from the Benaventana region explains that, In addition to the problems already associated […]

The artificial lung of the future

The HBOX founders Peter Schlanstein, Niklas Steuer and Matthias Menne (from left to right). (Photo: Peter Stollenwerk) Köln If a patient comes into the intensive care unit and is mechanically ventilated, the risk of death is high. A machine takes over the function of the lungs. It cleans the blood, saturates it with oxygen, removes […]

Covid, the pandemic is over. At Sant’Anna only 17 hospitalized

The pandemic seems to have vanished, in the Como area the cases are continuously decreasing, the hospital registers few new admissions and the patients hospitalized in the last month have decreased from 46 to 17. The virus no longer causes serious damage. “Compared to two years ago and also compared to last year, the situation […]