Increase in the number of new coronavirus infections slows down

Between 18 and 24 September, an average of 1,551 new infections with the corona virus were registered per day. That is 17 percent more than the seven days before. The number of deaths rose in that period to an average of 4.4 per day (+2 percent), according to the preliminary data on the online dashboard […]

Despite the health crisis, the Rouen CCI records business start-ups

Nine people gathered on Tuesday, September 22 at the Rouen Métropole Chamber of Commerce and Industry, gathered in a room around Francoise Thuillier. The project manager will, in two hours, outline the main stages of business creation. Because these nine participants have two points in common: an idea and the desire to get started. While […]

Coronavirus: Sicily, masks also outdoors – Sicily

New Musumeci ordinance, buffers for those coming from abroad (ANSA) – PALERMO, 27 SEPTEMBER – Compulsory use of masks outside the home if you are among strangers, registration and quick swabs for those coming from abroad, periodic checks on health personnel and on so-called fragile subjects, in addition to the prohibitions of assembly. These are […]

Covid-19. In Le Havre, PCR test results arrive too late to be of real use

Between a few hours and a few weeks of waiting. Asked on Facebook by Paris-Normandy, many Internet users declare delays beyond eight days for waiting for the results of a PCR test in Le Havre. « It’s been a long time. I wonder if it serves any purpose », asks Mathieu legitimately, who waited eight […]

Why the second corona wave mainly affects Brussels and Wallonia …

In Liège 1,337 cases per week, in Limburg 326. In Hainaut 1,171, in West Flanders less than half. The second wave of the corona crisis, which they did not want to call second wave in Wallonia and Brussels, now seems to be raging mainly there. Alarm in Brussels. And actually also in Hainaut, in Liège, […]

Coronavirus in the world, 1 million victims. The curve rises: 5 thousand per day

Two hundred and sixty days after January 11, when China recorded its first official death due to the unknown SARS-Cov-2, a transformed world reaches today (or yesterday, depending on the source of the count) the terrible share of a million dead. In 8 and a half months, the victims of the coronavirus are already many […]

They add 17 colonies to those with more cases

He Government of Mexico City updated the list of 158 priority colonies Therefore, as of the following Wednesday, 17 new colonies will be incorporated to replace another 17 that managed to reduce the number of active cases. Therefore, the new areas will be provided medical support through the installation of 70 kiosks and health centers […]

Coronavirus: Spain pending Madrid

European stock markets fall after new confinements The European stock markets have fallen this Friday, except London, and accumulate strong weekly declines before the announcement of new confinements due to the coronavirus pandemic, which threatens the recovery of the economy, according to analysts. Milan is down 1.10%, Frankfurt 1.09%, Paris 0.69% and Madrid 0.23%, while […]