DAKAR ONLINE: The rally is heading. Will Tůma keep a great fourth place?

Bikers have already completed the final kilometers. The overall winner for the second time was Sam Sunderland from Great Britain. Martin Michek was 14 in the last stage. “Last year I won a historic result for Czech motorsport, this year I am glad to be at the finish line. I experienced a lot. First I […]

DAKAR ONLINE: Macík chases Kamaz and fights for victory, Michek finished 15th.

The fastest biker in the 9th stage was José Cornejo, but the Austrian Walkner took the lead. Martin Michek finished 15th, Jan Brabec 24. Michek’s performance on Tuesday then helped him move to the overall 19th position. “It’s a great result. The stage was very fast. I enjoyed it. I thought I wouldn’t get up […]

Age of Empires 4 could also come to Xbox, according to recent findings

The fact that Age of Empires IV It ends up debuting on the console is something that even the developers themselves have considered, although without promising anything in particular. Now, the issue is back on the table: gamers have found clues that point to the launch of the acclaimed strategy title on Xbox consoles. In […]

China: Omicron Falls in Tianjin | Abroad

China – After the first local omicron cases occurred in China, the northeastern city of Tianjin ordered mass tests for the entire population. As the authorities of the 15 million metropolis announced on Sunday, 20 corona infections have been identified in the city since Friday. Sequencing showed that the first two cases were infections with […]