Iran condemned the development of uranium metal in Europe :: Politics :: RBC

Фото: Vahid Salemi / AP The governments of Great Britain, France and Germany condemned the preparation of the Iranian authorities to develop uranium metal, which can be used in nuclear reactors and weapons. About it reported on the website of the British Foreign Office. “We, the governments of France, Germany and Great Britain, are deeply […]

Died the star of horror films Barbara Shelley :: Society :: RBC

British actress Barbara Shelley has died at the age of 88. About it reports SkyNews TV channel with reference to the statement of the agent of the actress Thomas Bowington. It is noted that the actress died after contracting the coronavirus infection COVID-19. According to him, the actress contracted the coronavirus at one of the […]

Mexican President announced his readiness to give asylum to Assange :: Politics :: RBC

The announcement was made a few hours after the court in London refused the USA in the extradition of Assange. The judge ruled that isolation and confinement in the United States could lead to Assange’s suicide, despite all precautions. Assange’s persecution began after a series of publications on the WikiLeaks portal he founded, when hundreds […]

Famous French fashion designer Pierre Cardin dies

Original title: The famous French fashion designer Pierre Cardin dies The famous French fashion designer Pierre Cardin passed away on the 29th in a hospital near Paris at the age of 98. In a statement to the media, his family said that Pierre Cardin “is a great costume designer who has crossed the century, leaving […]

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has begun to support SegWit to store bitcoins

Original title: Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange, has begun to support SegWit to store Bitcoin The world’s largest encryptioncurrencyThe official statement of the exchange Binance stated that the exchange has expanded the scope of SegWit Witness (Segregated Witness) support toBitcurrencydeposit。 Segregated Witness was developed in 2017,BitcoinThe protocol upgrade is designed to help expand the network size […]

China launched an antitrust investigation against Alibaba :: Business :: RBC

Photo: Kin Cheung / AP China’s State Market Regulation Authority (SAMR) has announced an investigation into Alibaba, reported газета South China Morning Post (SCMP). Alibaba was suspected of “behavior aimed at creating a monopoly,” in particular a policy of “forced exclusivity,” the regulator said in a statement. He examines the company’s “choose one of two” […]

Trial video: Lao Rongzhi pleaded guilty and asked the court for atonement_Related

Original title: Trial video: Lao Rongzhi pleaded guilty and asked the court for atonement CCTV, Nanchang, December 22 (Reporter Xiong Fang) At about 5:30 pm on December 22, Lao Rongzhi was suspected of deliberate homicide, kidnapping, and robbery. After a two-day public trial, the court was adjourned. Judgement will be announced separately. Later, Lao Rongzhi […]