The Houston Vets – SWISS1 – October 26, 2021, 6:50 pm

Tuesday, 26. October • 18:50 – 19:30 S2 E0 • Old dog in need Info USA 2017 Miniature Pinscher Rudy is now 14 years old. Dental problems are currently causing problems for the little four-legged friend. But before the serious periodontal disease can be treated, Dr. Blue make sure Rudy’s cardiovascular system is strong enough […]

Who is John Walker, the new Captain America?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has a new Captain America. Now that Steve Rogers (played by Chris Evans) has chosen the simple life of a husband and retiree in Avengers : Endgame, a new character had to inherit the famous shield of the most patriotic of Marvel superheroes. This is also one of the main […]

Putin: Don’t worry, everything is fine, they are testing me

Vladimir Putin PHOTO: Reuters Russian President Vladimir Putin, who was spotted coughing during a live televised government meeting, assured officials that it was good and that KOVID-19 was being tested virtually every day, Reuters reported. “Don’t worry, everything is fine. They test me practically every day not only for KOVID-19, but also for any other […]

Aliens accused of spying for Arsenal left in custody

The three foreigners accused of stealing from Arsenal remain in custody After nearly four hours of hearing, the District Court of Stara Zagora left in custody the three foreign nationals detained in Kazanlak, Nova Television reports. They are accused of exporting samples and documents from the Kazanlak arsenal “Arsenal”. According to the television, one of […]

Culture and television – La Opinion de Murcia

It is curious what is happening to those of my generation, the elderly, without qualms, with this of television, series and certain general consumption programs. Traditionally, we cultureists have always rejected television material for its lack of ‘height’, and none of us with a minimum intellectual support would have admitted that they saw Farmacia de […]

Kiva reacted to the appeal of the JFO fighters

Photo: Ilya Kiva responded to the Ukrainian military, who were outraged by Putin’s congratulations The People’s Deputy said that the Ukrainian servicemen in the trenches had watched the TV, and explained their reaction by “the soldier’s resentment against his commander.” Ilya Kiva, People’s Deputy from OLE, reacted to the invitation of the Ukrainian military […]

Slavi: The creator of BTV has died

Albert Parsons, BTV’s first CEO, has died in the United States. PHOTO: Shot: BTV BTV founder Albert Parsons has died, Slavi Trifonov announced on his Facebook profile. Here is what the presenter wrote: BTV was free television, and that was largely due to the man who created it, the American Albert Parsons. He was the […]

Georgian Penitentiary Service accused Saakashvili of lying

Photo: Sputnik Mikheil Saakashvili is in the prison of the city of Rustavi Saakashvili bought himself a TV in a shop on the territory of the Rustavi prison, officials said. Former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili has a TV in his prison cell and sleeps on a mattress. Information about their absence is a lie. On […]

Threat to the Swedish Church in Paris

On pressure from the Social Democrats, the Swedish clergy wanted to sell the Lutheran church built in Paris in 1913. Heritage lovers are worried about its possible destruction. Removing a church is never trivial. Yet this is what is likely to happen to the Swedish Lutheran Church, this large red brick building where the Swedish […]

Culture stars in New York call for release of three Iranian writers

Writers, actors, musicians demanded, Tuesday evening, the release of Baktash Abtin, Keyvan Bajan and Réza Khandan Mahabadi, on the occasion of the Pen America gala, the organization for the defense of literature and human rights. Jodie Foster, Awkwafina, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Wole Soyinka: Writers, actors, musicians from all over New York on Tuesday evening demanded the […]