Nations League 2023, the draw pots: Italy in first

The 2020/21 edition has just ended, but the new Nations League appointment is approaching. Draw scheduled for December 16, a ceremony that will see Mancini’s Italy placed in the first bracket in League A. There is no shortage of dangers in the Montreux urn: which can be the best group? And the worst one? Here […]

Index – Domestic – This is the day of a Croatian bus holiday

The tourist bus that left at dawn on Sunday returned from a day trip in Croatia suffered a tragic accident on the M7 motorway. Upon hearing the news, grief and compassion first overwhelmed the man, and then, reading the sentence above again, he was shocked to ask the question: What? Still, what kind of vacation […]

Problems on the way to Croatia persist! People are entitled to compensation

Every day, the Regiojet transports approximately 1,300 passengers on the Prague – Split route, who have to reckon with a delay of several hours due to complications on the route. Friday’s flight from Croatia was almost four hours late. However, according to a Regiojet spokesman, passengers will be entitled to financial compensation. “The moment the […]

Croatia and several regions in Sweden and Finland will be quarantined from Monday

Norrbotten will be red, while Östergötland, Värmland and Västra Götaland will be orange. Gotland, Halland, Skåne and Stockholm go from orange to red. North Jutland in Denmark will also be at the red level. Thus, there are still entry restrictions and quarantine requirements when entering from all regions in Denmark. In Finland, Northern Savonia, Northern […]