Putin talks about his merits in providing treatment for Navalny

“As soon as this citizen’s wife approached me, I immediately ordered the prosecutor’s office to examine his options for going abroad for treatment,” Putin said during the Valday forum. “It could also have been omitted because he had restrictions on judicial investigations and criminal cases,” the Kremlin leader added, traditionally avoiding calling him Navalny. He […]

Azerbaijan claims full control of the border with Iran

Nagorno-Karabakh, which was part of the Azerbaijani SSR during the Soviet era but has been a “de facto” independent Armenian republic since the early 1990s, is controlled by Armenian forces backed by Yerevan. Artillery damage in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict +12 See more To date, Armenian forces have also controlled seven surrounding areas, including much of […]

Mysterious vandal attack on Berlin museums: 63 exhibits damaged

Damaged exhibits in Berlin museums +9 See more Meanwhile, a police spokesman said on Thursday that several people had reported the crime, which had been committed at three museums on the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Berlin’s Museum Island. The act of vandalism was committed on October 3, the 30th anniversary of German reunification, but […]

The cost of air pollution for European cities has been studied

The study was carried out by the independent research and consulting organization CE Delft, which specializes in developing innovative solutions to environmental problems. Analyzing air quality, population health and transport data in more than 400 cities, it was found that fossil fuel pollution in 2018 cost each citizen an average of 1,250 euros – about […]

It has finally happened! Markus Riva sings with Samantha Tina

The composition “I Don’t Meet” has just been released – a new single from Mark Riva’s upcoming album and the singer’s first collaboration with Samantus. to be issued in November. Duets and collaborations Mark’s musical activity is nothing new – he has previously been heard in a duet with both Aminata and Dinārs Rudāns. Together […]