Mick Jagger’s daughter now wears bright red hair

Georgia’s change in type doesn’t seem entirely altruistic if you take a closer look at her Instagram post. “I’ve wanted to go back to red for ages. The color is semi-permanent and fades to pink before it turns blonde again, ”says the catwalk model, describing the miracle cure she used to color her hair. This […]

Actor Guntis Skrastiņš (1954-2021) – Photo

On the night of October 11, actor Guntis Skrastiņš went to his world. His life path began in 1954 in Ērgļi. The actor himself has admitted that the main thing in his life is the stage and the family. As a Latvian patriot, Guntis actively followed the developments in Latvian sports, especially the national team […]

Did a Russian spy steal the British Covid-19 vaccine plan? There are many coincidences

The Russian spy has stolen the vaccine plan, as a result of which Russian President Vladimir Putin was able to be proud of the “Sputnik V” Covid-19 vaccine suspiciously similar to the “AstraZeneca” vaccine and win the “competition to create the world’s first Covid-19 vaccine”. According to security sources, there is evidence that a spy […]

Katie Holmes spotted with husband in New York: is THIS her new one?

Should something really go wrong, the man in the lumberjack look would follow in the footsteps of Emilio Vitolo Jr., with whom Katie had an eight-month romance. In September 2020, the otherwise very private “Dawson’s Creek” star surprised his fans when he and Emilio were photographers at one of them Caught passionately kissing dinner in […]

Ksenia Sobchak has been involved in an accident with horrific consequences

The accident took place in Krasnodarskaya. Foreign media report that a Mercedes brand vehicle, which also included Sobchak, drove to Adler Airport when he entered the opposite lane during an overtaking maneuver. The car had been rented and Sobchak was not behind the wheel. Such a different journalist and politician Ksenia Sobchak +71 See more […]

The Czech President was taken to hospital the day after the elections

Zeman met with his longtime ally Babiši Day after the Babiš-led populist party “Disgruntled Citizens’ Action” (UN) lost to the opposition center-right coalition “Together”. Zeman had previously made it clear that after the election, party leaders, not coalition leaders, would be nominated as prime ministers, hinting that Babish would be the first to be entrusted […]

Car news: Introducing the upgraded Jeep Compass

This is ensured by a darkened radiator grille, a wider bumper and new LED lights. There doesn’t seem to be much, but, well, that’s enough! “When driving with the new Compass, the observation was that the car carries at least 60% respect for the big Grand Cherokee. I would say no, because there is a […]

In France, four conspiracy theorists have planned attacks on vaccination centers

Two men have also been charged with involvement in the abduction of an eight-year-old girl in April. Remy Dillé, a well-known figure among conspiracy theorists, was arrested in connection with his abduction in June when he returned to France from Singapore. Four accused on Friday, meanwhile, are suspected of links to Dili. The accused were […]