PHOTO AND VIDEO ⟩ Driver with 10 years of experience. Actress Lelde Dreimane tests the electrified “Nissan Qashqai e-POWER”

In addition to a wide range of intelligent technologies from Nissan, the standard equipment also includes, for example, rear parking sensors, automatic LED lights, heated side mirrors, a selection of driving modes and much more. Even higher equipment levels (or as optional equipment, depending on the equipment level) available “Apple CarPlay”/”Android Auto”, wireless smartphone charger, […]

Kylie Jenner’s controversial lion head dress is getting a fun makeover on the internet

The outfit chosen by entrepreneur and the youngest member of the Kardashian clan, Kylie Jenner, was praised by the animal rights organization PETA. They praised fashion designers’ creative approach to using faux fur, which is “100% cruelty-free, showcases human ingenuity and prevents animal suffering.” On the other hand, not all of Kylie’s fans were thrilled […]

The teachers of “Golden Raspberries” are involved in a scandal by nominating a 12-year-old girl as the worst actress

Armstrong was nominated in that category this week for her performance in “Firestarter.” It is known that the “Golden Raspberry” award was created as the opposite of the Academy Award “Oscar”. Usually, “Golden Raspberries” are awarded the day before the “Oscar” awards are presented. “Golden Raspberries” are presented to “the best of the worst in […]

ECHR: The eastern territories of Ukraine were under Moscow’s control since spring 2014

This means that from the point of view of international law, Russia can be responsible for human rights violations in this territory. It is about both the armed formation of the “people’s republics” and the human rights violations committed by Russian soldiers. The court’s decision also refers to the presence of Russian soldiers in eastern […]

Congratulations to Vitaly Gavrilova, today is his birthday!

Jubilees in Latvia In 1947, Vitalijs Gavrilovs – former general director of “Aldara”, former president of the Confederation of Employers of Latvia. Vitaly Gavrilovs at the opening of the wine restaurant +1 Watch more In 1950, Larisa Bulava – organist. In 1956, Ārijs Údris – economist and politician, former Minister of Agriculture of Latvia. In […]

Netflix management is experiencing unexpected changes

“Reed Hasting’s resignation from his current position raises many questions about Netflix’s future strategy,” said an analyst at research firm Third Bridge. “Our board of directors has been planning for several years what to do for our successors. Company founders also need to evolve. I am proud of our first 25 years and look forward […]