Egyptian actor Omar Hassan Youssef open to performing hot scenes in his roles

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Egyptian artist Omar Hassan Youssef, the son of the artist Hassan Youssef, expressed his willingness to present roles that include hot scenes or kisses, as long as they serve the dramatic context. Youssef’s son added, in televised statements to the Cairo Today program on Al-Youm channel, that he does not believe that […]

PCOS Linked to Obesity in Male Offspring: New Study

Suspicion of PCOS in case of irregular menstruation, increased body hair and acne, male pattern baldness, and abdominal obesity Two generations of male offspring cause obesity and metabolic disorders There is no cure, but drugs and lasers can increase your chances of getting pregnant A new study has found that diseases common in women of […]

“Eric Veits’ Long-Distance Father-Son Relationship: A True Life Story”

Eric was born in 1982, and after separating from his son’s mother, they had a long-distance relationship. Speaking about who was like a father, Veits states: “In the beginning, I went to Liepāja quite often, then less often. I haven’t analyzed what kind of father I was.” “Now I have a normal relationship with my […]