Seven new cholera cases detected in Villa Liberación and Solares

SANTO DOMINGO.- The Ministry of Public health detected seven new cases of cholera through corresponding analyses, including six Dominicans, four male and two female, residing in Villa Liberación and the Solares del Almirante in Santo Domingo Este. The males are between 66, 41, 35 and 23 years old respectively, while the Dominicans are 47 and […]

Al Horford keeps DR representation afloat in the NBA

The veteran player from Puerto Plata, 36 years old, has maintained his offensive production, adding accurate shots from behind the three-point line In the last season, the Dominican Republic was represented at the NBA by three players, who had outstanding performances for their respective franchises. Even, Al Horfordwas a key piece in the arrival of […]

RD has 6,076,183 million with two doses

Dominican Republic has 6,076,183 million adults with two doses of vaccine against covid-19. However, the country has a segment of the population that has refused to be vaccinated, according to information from the authorities, these are the people who still arrive in critical condition to intensive care rooms and ventilators. When reviewing the data from […]

WHO minimizes risk of myocarditis among vaccinated

World Health Organization (OMS) admitted today that there have been cases of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) in people who had just received mRNA vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna) against covid-19but stressed that these are very infrequent situations and generally of a mild nature. Given the reappearance of reports and news about the relationship between vaccines […]

Man faces charge for assaulting goalkeeper during Tottenham derby

A man was charged on Tuesday with assaulting the Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdaleafter the Premier League match between that club and Tottenham. The Metropolitan Police accused Joseph Watts35, of assault, reported the British agency Press Association. Watts must appear before the Highbury Magistrates’ Courtin London, on February 17. Apparently, the subject launched a kick at […]

Market heats up for Gary Sánchez

New York.- It’s better late than never. With just weeks before spring training begins, the free agent market is starting to heat up for former New York Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez, according to’s Jon Paul Morosi said he’s been told three teams — the Giants, Royals and Angels — are still in the […]

Jayson Tatum destroys the Hornets with 51 points and seven triples

Jayson Tatum destroyed the Charlotte Hornets on Monday with 51 points and seven triples in the 130-118 victory of the Boston Celtics, in the special program of NBA games for Martin Luther King Day. Tatum tied Gilbert Arenas for the third-best performance in NBA history on Luther King Day and was one point behind second-place […]

The Trade of Pain, among the best-selling books

El Comercio del Dolor, when patients became clients, is one of the most read books in the Cuesta Library. It is a text authored by the journalist and writer Altagracia Ortiz Gomez. Ortiz Gómez’s book is in the Most Read line of the aforementioned bookstore, along with other authors who deal with the most diverse […]

Optima Corporación de Crédito completes its conversion to a savings and credit bank

SANTO DOMINGO.– The regulated financial intermediation entity Optima Corporación de Crédito, SA satisfactorily completed the requirements of Monetary and Financial Law 183-02 to become a Savings and Credit Bank, under the name of Banco Optima de Ahorro y Crédito, SA The final approval was granted by the Monetary Board at its session on October 27, […]

There were 86 cases of Covid-19 over the weekend

The authorities continue to recommend that the population go to vaccination centers to be vaccinated; fewer and fewer are vaccinated indicators of COVID-19 they are getting lower. In the last 48 hours, 86 new infections of the disease have been registered. However, only 25 infections were reported by bulletin number 1025 of General Directorate of […]