Peter Lundin, Serial Killer Who Could Mutilate His Own Family

Jakarta – No by Peter Lund known as one of the serial killers in Denmark. Lundin had the heart to kill his mother, wife and child. Quoted from Murderpedia, Lundin’s real name is Bjarne Skounborg. He was born in Solrød Strand, Denmark in 1971. However, Lundin moved with his parents to the United States. In […]

Anne shoots her daughter’s rapist – I hope he dies

Jakarta – Marianne Bachmeier is remembered by people in Germany for shooting her daughter’s killer in a courtroom. Anne killed her daughter’s killer calmly and had time to say something. Reported BBCOn March 6, 1981, during the third day of her trial, Marianne smuggled a handgun into the courthouse. Marianne entered the courtroom of the […]

Watch .. a new video, the moment when Prince Fahd bin Abdullah asked for his intercession to the guardians of the blood to deliver the killer of their son

Al-Marsad newspaper: A new video clip documented the moment of negotiations between the bloodthirsty people, Muhal Al-Shaibani, with the tribe of their son’s killer, before they agreed to hand him over for 28 million riyals, after the prince’s intercession Fahd bin Abdullah Al Saud, in the presence of the Al-Suhl tribe, in the council of […]

They released the legendary killer Snake, who buried dozens of tourists

French serial killer Charles Sobrage has been released from prison in Nepal after spending nearly 20 years behind bars. The 78-year-old is responsible for the murders of more than 20 tourists traveling from Europe to Asia, but the true number of lives he has lost is unclear. The nickname “The Snake” was given to him […]

The high school student was abandoned on the highway “the case will be solved after 15 years” The killer is a supermarket employee… 1 reason | International | CTWANT extension

With the rapid development of science and technology, many closed cases have finally been resolved. There was a murder case in Sichuan, China 15 years ago. A 16-year-old girl named Chen stormed out of the house after arguing with her family. Unexpectedly, she was found dead. Since the technology was immature, it was impossible to […]

5 Depraved Behaviors Of Handsome Masseurs Turn Out To Be Psychopaths

Seoul – Kang Ho-Sun is quite a serial killer by origin South Korea. He works as a masseur and uses his good looks to seduce his victims. This notorious psychopathic killer murdered 10 women including his wife and mother-in-law. Reported by MuderpediaIn 2009, Kang Ho-sun was arrested while working as a massage therapist in Ansan, […]

10 women killed by masseurs assassins: from his wife to the student

Jakarta – Kang Ho-Sun killed 10 women in a vicious way. The 10 women included his wife and mother-in-law. Reported by Muderpediathis murder was done by Kang from 2008 to 2009. There were 10 female victims of his murder. The police also discovered Kang’s method of committing the murders. He usually takes advantage of his […]