Mars helicopter lands elsewhere

Mars helicopter “Ingenuity” The photo shows the Ingenuty helicopter on April 7th on Mars. Photo: NASA / JPL-Caltech / dpa (Photo: dpa) During this take-off, the mini helicopter reached a record altitude of around ten meters, NASA said on Friday During this take-off, the mini helicopter reached a record altitude of around ten meters, NASA […]

You are theology of Asteroids Crashing Planet Earth

RMOLBANTEN NASA is engrossed in conducting anamological and angelic research into what they call “a new impact scenario experiment in the event that a destructive asteroid is discovered heading towards Earth“. You thaamology The five-day simulation and angularamological exercise will be the preparation material for NASA in collaboration with various science and technology institutions as […]

The Burial Process of Astronauts Who Die in Space

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Mission trip to outer space is a deadly mission. There are many tragedies related to space flight that are a nightmare for astronaut. In the last half century, about 30 astronauts and cosmonauts have died while training or attempting dangerous space missions. But most of these deaths occur either on the […]

Life on the Planet Mars: There is a Suspect that Aliens Planted Mushrooms

PRIVATE ZONE – The search for life on Mars has so far been unsuccessful but a group of fringe ET researchers believe they have found the “holy grail”. According to a study published in the journal Advances in Microbiology, the Red Planet is dense with alien life, although not what we expected. A recently published […]

What Is It Like to Return to Earth from Outer Space? This said Astronauts page all – Four astronaut who just returned from the International Space Station (ISS), recounting their experience of returning to Earth and feeling the splash of sea water after more than 160 days in space, on Thursday (6/5/2021). The SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule carrying four astronauts back to Earth crashed off the coast of Florida on […]

Telescopes Observe Planets While Collecting Gas and Dust

The Hubble Telescope observes the growing planet PDS 70b by gathering dust. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, WASHINGTON – The Hubble Space Telescope observed an exoplanet named PDS 70b as it was gathering mass in its distant star system. The US Space Agency (NASA) says exoplanets slowly collect gas and dust as they build up their mass over millions […]

Approaching the Sun, This Plane Carves a Record Speed ​​of 150 km / second

Jakarta – Parker Solar Probe is spacecraft specifically designed by NASA to approach Sun and research it. The plane has now recorded two records at once. Anything? Flown in 2018, the Parker Solar Probe is now the closest spacecraft to the Sun and the second, highest speed of any spacecraft. On April 29, the vehicle […]

NASA Made Map of Ice Deposits on Mars, Guidelines for Finding Water Sources

ESA / Björn Schreiner 2018 / FU Berlin Korolev Crater on Mars containing ice deposits.—Team of scientists space combined has created map new aims to identify sources ofwater sources best at Mars. This effort is made because water is considered an important resource to support exploration activities Red Planet it is in the future. […]

This is the Fate of Astronauts Who Died in Space

Jakarta – What happens if astronaut died in space? This question was thought out NASA for years. There are various ethical and logistical conundrums that require practical methods of solving them. NASA and other state space agencies must think about how to honor the dead and get the bodies out of the spacecraft as soon […]