Norway lifts all quarantine restrictions

Norway, having vaccinated 76% of the population, abandons quarantine The authorities announced that the country can forget about social distancing and return to normal life. The Norwegian authorities will cancel the quarantine rules and restrictions that were in force in the country during the pandemic starting next Saturday. On Friday, September 24, reports Reuters. For […]

Twitter rolls out a new look on apps and the web – The social network Twitter is rolling out a new font called Chirp on both the app and the web version. Users who are used to scrolling through the Twitter timeline must see something different from the posts that appear on Twitter. Yes, that’s because the font changed to Chirp, so don’t be surprised […]

Using a Pulse Oximeter, When is Oxygen Saturation Normal?

Ilustrasi pulse oximeter. (Freepik) – With so many reported incidents of happy hypoxia in Covid-19 patients, monitoring oxygen saturation be important. Unfortunately not everyone knows how much oxygen saturation is normal. In medical terms, oxygen saturation may also be known as PaO2 when using blood gases and O2 sat (SpO2) when using bovine pulse. […]

Demand for Russian gas is growing in Europe – media

Photo: Reuters Europe’s demand for Russian gas is growing Gas reserves in Europe are a quarter lower than what is considered normal for this time of year. In Europe, the demand for Russian gas supplies is growing against the backdrop of declining reserves. About this with reference to the assessments of experts informs Bloomberg on […]

Milena Slavova angers gays on Facebook (Video)

Singer Milena Slavova’s comment about the gay parade provoked a wave of sharp reactions on social networks. “I’m sure I don’t support gay parades!” Woe to normal people, we are already suffocating from the impudence and parade of various perverts. And I don’t apologize for my words. “This was written by the rock icon on […]

They plan a mini city below Chicago – El Sol de México

In this American city, a multipurpose underground complex will be built to revitalize a vast area that the steel industry left unoccupied. The underground real estate complex The Invert Chicago (TIC) will be built between 76 and 106 meters deep in an abandoned steel industrial zone offering 550,000 square meters of climate controlled multipurpose space. […]

Agolada recovers normal bus transportation to perform mammograms

The two vans will be used in the Works and Social Services departments. The City Council of Agolada recovered on Monday at noon the free transport service that is offered to women who are summoned at the Gil Casares Hospital to undergo periodic check-ups against breast cancer. The Agoladés government wants to confront the criticism […]