A documentary on mental health

More than ever, mental health is a hot topic. Many Quebecers have seen theirs deteriorate in recent months with the COVID-19 pandemic. But even today, opening up to your problems remains difficult for many people. It is this reality that Hugo Rozon wants to demystify in the documentary The 108 Journey. The 25-year-old takes us […]

In Paris, hundreds of students march against “all deleterious distancing”

With five of their comrades, at the foot of the statue of Georges Bernanos, they are immersed in the manufacture of anti-Vidal signs, the Minister of Higher Education. Arrivals a good hour early in front of the Crous du Ve arrondissement, a stone’s throw from the Port-Royal RER station, Inès and Ariane have a lot […]

The fight against covid-19 leads to depression in one in three health workers

Almost half of the group has a high risk of mental disorder and 3.5%, some suicidal ideation The impact is greater among nursing assistants: two out of three are at greater risk of alterations The health and economic crisis have increased the curve of another pandemic, the quietest of all: that of the mental health […]

Why too much bad news harms our mental health

PSYCHOLOGY – Information received by our brain is not treated equally. Well seated in his chair, are we really passive when listening to television news? “Not at all, explains Dr Guillaume Fond, psychiatrist and researcher at the Marseille University Hospital, responsible for the expert center for Schizophrenia and resistant depression. All information is processed by […]

Disinfectant doormats against COVID-19: are they needed?

With the onset of the pandemic, ways to maximize the effectiveness of antiviral resources have increased considerably. Hand liquids, disinfectants for surfaces, ozone machines for different environments, etc. Ozone machines as a coronavirus disinfectant: neither effective nor safe Know more To this list of objects is added another object: the disinfectant or sanitary carpetss. Although […]

Love Teeth, Avoid the Habit of Chewing Ice Cubes

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Chew ice Cube including bad behavior that can damage teeth, including the white color. Dental hygienists say every time you chew ice, you run the risk of breaking or weakening the hard enamel or protective coating that protects the delicate interior of your teeth. “If the enamel is damaged, tooth and all […]

professional staff remain concerned about students’ mental health

MONTREAL, Jan. 8, 2021 / CNW Telbec / – The Federation of Quebec Education Professionals (FPPE-CSQ) appreciates that the Minister of Education is concerned about the mental health and success of students primary and secondary. In his announcements today, Jean-François Roberge confirmed the importance of returning students to class from next week, both for their […]

Bipolar man cut his genitals at home in New York

FDNY ambulance Photo: Andrés Correa Guatarasma / Courtesy A 50-year-old man with apparent mental problems cut off his penis and flushed it down a toilet in his Staten Island (NYC) apartment, reported the New York police. The unidentified man’s roommate called police around 11:45 a.m. Wednesday to report that he had cut off his right […]

Your nose-digging habit, now is the time to fix it | News/Column | Health Story

When asked if they have a habit of selling snot, most of them avoid the answer because they are shy. But, from children to adults, most people blow their noses. According to an anonymous survey conducted in Wisconsin, about 91% of respondents said they had a habit of blowing their nose. Be careful, because selling […]