Polish President Signs Bill for Commission to Investigate Russian Influence in Politics

On Friday, the parliament approved a draft law proposed by the national conservative party “Law and Justice” and which may affect the outcome of the autumn parliamentary elections. Experts believe that this bill is against the Polish constitution, and the opposition called on Duda to reject it. Duda said he would approve the bill because […]

“Mars introduces environmentally friendly packaging for chocolate bars”

It is one of the first stages of a pilot project, testing a more environmentally friendly packaging of chocolate bars from the company “Mars Food”. The chocolates in the new packages appeared in 500 “Tesco” chain supermarkets in Great Britain from May 29, according to the BBC. “Mars Food” follows in the footsteps of competitor […]

“Exploring Polygamous Relationships: Findings from ‘Looking for a Husband'”

During the series, four couples try together to understand and reveal to the audience how polygamy has been able to improve their relationship, overcome new relationship challenges and look for people who are ready to engage in polygamous relationships. “Looking for a husband” offers viewers the opportunity to look into the secrets of polygamous relationships, […]

Jubilees and Events in Latvia and the World Throughout History

Jubilees in Latvia In 1961, Jānis Zaržeckis – plastic surgeon. In 1958, Ina Druviete – politician, philologist, and former Minister of Education and Science. In 1954, Māra Cielēna – a poet. In 1934, Gunārs Balodis – painter and film artist. In 1933, Eriks Hanbergs – writer, publicist. Jubilees in the world In 1984, Carmelo Anthony […]

“Why Venice’s Grand Canal Turned Green: Investigation Underway”

The unnaturally green water was first noticed by local residents. The city council called an emergency meeting with police to investigate the origin of the green liquid, and the fire department helped the Environmental Protection Agency take water samples that will be analyzed. This is not the first time that Venice’s Grand Canal has gone […]

“Minuets 55th Jubilee Concert: Celebrating the Timeless Hits of Imants Kalniņš”

The group “Minuets” became popular as a performer of the music of the composer Imantas Kalniņas. The first performance of “Minuet” took place in 1968, when six Jūrmala schoolchildren got together, when the brothers Sējāni and Bartašević started joint rehearsals in rock music with their associates. The anniversary concert program “Zelta 55” will feature the […]