The January diet: good intentions for healthy weight loss

January. As often happens in this period, many feel the need to get back in line, not only dispose of the pounds accumulated during the holiday month par excellence, but also move to a healthier, more conscious diet. Not surprisingly, we talk about good intentions for the new year. Unfortunately, however, very often we do […]

Diet, herbal teas that help digest and give well-being

What’s nicer than sipping one good hot herbal tea when it’s cold outside, enjoying a few minutes of pleasant relaxation? In winter – but not only! – it is an excellent home remedy for many small health ailments: from difficult digestion to colds. Let’s find out together some herbal teas to try. Chamomile tea The […]

Diet with apples, a thousand benefits for the heart and intestines

The 9 most suitable fruits for losing weight They are among the most common fruits in our diet, and they are rich in beneficial properties for health: it is no coincidence that it is said “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Their flavor, often sweet and juicy, varies a lot according to the […]

Diet with dried figs, get your fill of antioxidants. But beware of calories

Dried fruit, properties and calories During the Christmas period, it is impossible to give up the pleasure of the dried figs: they are the perfect complement to any meal, a delight to be enjoyed instead of dessert. And since their nutritional profile is really interesting, they are a great choice to fill up on well-being. […]

The Botanical Garden will turn into a glorious “Winter Light Garden”

According to the Botanical Garden of the University of Latvia, it is possible to see 20 light installations created by the best Latvian lighting designers, who have gained experience in theaters, the event industry, cinema and multimedia projects. The Botanical Garden will turn into a glorious “Winter Light Garden” +55 See more “This time is […]

As online sales increase by up to 100%, consumer complaints of fraud increase

The information provided by the Latvian Traders’ Association shows that online sales have increased by up to 100% in the last month. Aija Gulbe, Director of ECC Latvia, comments: “It must be admitted that with the increase in the number of online trade transactions, the number of complaints and requests for advice is also growing. […]

Stockmann will invest 2.5 million euros in the development of the food segment

“Along with investments in the development of the food segment, we purposefully continue to implement the department store’s growth plan, providing customers with a unique shopping experience and high-class service. It is planned to implement both ambitious changes in the visual image of Stockmann’s Delicatessen, combining Stockmann’s values ​​with modern Scandinavian and Latvian design, and […]