Mikel Oráa blends literary genres and eras in his book ‘4 shots of life’

The writer and journalist Mikel Oraá. The new novel by the Alava author, which is published today, links the experiences of various characters through “a real event that seems incredible” Mikel Oraá does not believe in coincidences. It is not that the nearly 600 pages of this Alava’s second novel, ‘4 shots of life’, are […]

Surprise! There is a lot of oxygen on the moon

Jakarta – Scientists found that oxygen on the Moon is very abundant and can be used to live billions of years. However, there are buts, unfortunately not in the form of gas. In today’s era, investment into technology that can enable the utilization of resources in space is actually very large. One of his sharp […]

The hermit explains why he has been living alone for 40 years

The man is sure that everyone dreams of such a life, but they are afraid to give up the comforts of civilization. British hermit Ken Smith lived alone for about 40 years. Now he told why he decided to isolate himself from people. Writes about it Daily Mail. He lived in Scotland on the shores […]

No wonder Nikita Mirzani is living in luxury, I didn’t expect it

GenPI.co – Sexy actress Nikita Mirzani is known as one of the celebrities who have a luxurious life. Nikita Mirzani’s wealth was even said to have reached trillions. This is inseparable from the income that Nikita gets from various sources. READ ALSO: Did not expect Nikita Mirzani’s true nature to be revealed, shocking One of […]

Overview of the matches of October 31

Martin Necas had a goal and an assist and the Carolina Hurricanes came in from behind to dispose of the Arizona Coyotes 2-1 at PNC Arena. The Hurricanes (8-0-0) are off to the best start in their history and are now the only team still unbeaten this season in the Florida Panthers’ shootout loss to […]

Clashes to watch: October 30

Ten games are scheduled on the regular NHL schedule for this Saturday, October 30. Here are the elements of these matches that will hold our attention. READ ALSO : The formations and starting goalkeepers planned for the day | Poolers: Players to target for October 30 matches Panthers’ winning streak could be threatened in Boston […]

Assange awaits in prison the decision on his life and his future

Julian Asange, in a file image. / Reuters WikiLeaks founder is at risk of suicide if extradited to the United States LOURDES GÓMEZ London Correspondent Sunday, October 31, 2021, 00:43 His bad appearance bothers me. I saw him very thin, very sick ». This is how the lawyer Stella Moris described her partner and father […]

True QuadPlay, Smartfren Internet Service Duet and Moratelindo

Merdeka.com – Smartfren and Moratelindo work together to present True QuadPlay, an internet service for lifestyle in Indonesia. True QuadPlay is a single billing product that combines the advantages of both companies. The advantage of True QuadPlay is that customers can get Oxigen.id high speed broadband internet, premium cable TV channels, video on demand, OTT […]

The head of NASA does not exclude the existence of aliens

Фото: Getty Images NASA Director Bill Nelson Bill Nelson expressed the hope that unidentified flying objects do not appear as a result of the actions of the enemy on Earth. NASA Director Bill Nelson admitted the possibility of the existence of aliens. He stated this during an online discussion organized by the director of the […]