Alfred Krupp: The Life of the Steel Entrepreneur 01/14/22

In two decades, Alfred Krupp turned a small steel company into a global corporation and the largest industrial company in Europe. He made Krupp the nation’s armourer. Its steel cannons contributed to victory in the Franco-Prussian War. By Peter Balsiger Alfred Krupp came from a merchant dynasty. His father Friedrich Krupp had founded a cast […]

Millions of years ago Planet Earth was ruled by the ‘flower regime’

NewsBulukumba – Planet Earth not completely controlled by dinosaurs in its era but there are alsoregime flower‘ millions of years ago. Reported by from Science alert on Saturday 8 January 2022, according to a 2021 paper, evolution plant flowering has set off an explosion diversity life from Planet Earth. Most of the plant what […]

Grandmothers from the Home for the Elderly in Plovdiv go to yoga (photos)

“His mother is his movement. Good thoughts and fun. This prolongs life. ”This is the life philosophy of 78-year-old Tanya, who has been living for four years in the Home for the Elderly on Komatevsko Shosse in Plovdiv. She was widowed a long time ago, she was lonely and in order not to burden her […]

They prepare a vaccine against Covid that would give immunity for life

While many countries are racing to complete vaccination schedules and administer booster doses to contain the increases in infections caused by Ómicron, a Japanese company announced that it hopes to begin clinical trials in 2023 for a coronavirus vaccine. lasts for life and does not require booster doses. “The national pharmaceutical Nobelpharma Co. is prepared […]

Arrange a comfortable office at home, study – 10 new professions appear

Fear of technology is rising, life will be more chaotic – change your expectations The local is the new global, the property is becoming more and more valuable We hoped that in 2022 the coronavirus would no longer dominate our lives so much, but unfortunately, omicron is slowly and surely killing it. The fact that […]

Perseverance has discovered more organic matter on Mars Science

NASA’s Perseverance rover has been on Mars for 10 months now, and more and more scientific results are coming – the most exciting of which was presented at the American Geophysical Union’s autumn scientific meeting. were presented Discovery of organic molecules in the Jezero Crater in New Orleans. Organic matter has been observed on Mars […]