A video shows how protesters take photos with Capitol police officers

The American journalist Timothy Burke has posted a video on his Twitter profile showing a Capitol police officer next to a protester taking a ‘selfie’. The atmosphere is friendly, and the policeman, who has the identification number on his arm, does not show an attitude of rejection or retaliation. The video has aroused controversy on […]

New York to send 1,000 National Guard troops to Washington

New York, Jan 6 (EFE) .- The state of New York will send 1,000 members of the National Guard to Washington to support the peaceful transition of the US presidency, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo reported on Wednesday. “At the request of the US National Guard, I will deploy 1,000 members of the National Guard […]

New York Proposes Marijuana Legalization Again

New York, Jan 6 (EFE) .- The governor of the state of New York, Andrew Cuomo, again proposed this Wednesday the legalization of marijuana, a project that he has tried to promote in recent years and that until now has not been able to move forward. It is the third time that the Democrat Cuomo […]

insurance that goes up in 2021 with the new taxes

This new year has come with some State’s general budgets renewed, something that is not trivial if one takes into account that Spain had with Cristóbal Montoro’s public accounts since 2018. One of the sectors most affected by the new text is that of insurance. And is that the increase in the Tax on Insurance […]

Model whose thongs were stolen wants to sell her ‘hot’ photos

The babahoyense Derly Figueroa wants to follow in the footsteps of the media Anita Jima and Mafer Vargas, who sell their sensual photographs on the Only Fans platform. Babahoyo model denounces stalker who stole her lingerie Read more Of course, the model affirms which is not prepaid. “And that is clear to them,” he emphasized. […]

Boris Becker, bankrupt, would keep half his fortune

London, Jan 5 (dpa) – Former German tennis player Boris Becker claims that he will be able to keep half of his income despite the ongoing bankruptcy proceedings against him in Great Britain, in statements made on the Amazon podcast “The Fifth Set “released today and hosted by journalist Johannes B. Kerner. Kerner asked Becker […]

The market feels the consequences of the stimulus to debt and interest rates

Both companies and administrations were forced to borrow trillions of dollars to compensate for the fall in revenues during the period of economic activity restriction due to COVID-19. You might have thought that taking out loans of such an amount would raise interest rates, but Extraordinary interventions by central banks prevented these increases. In the […]

Welcome to the latest FIFA.com news – Hussein Kaouk and the magic of football

Seven-year-old Hussein Kaouk beat leukemia thanks to football Hussein is popular with Nejmeh fans and players alike He talks about the positive energy that he owes to the most beautiful of all games Who would seriously say that there are no miracles in football? Seven year old Hussein Kaouk from Lebanon is living proof that […]

The Windsors and rugby, a very peculiar relationship that lasts over time

At the age of 21, the still heir to the crown in Great Britain gave a historic speech at the Caernarfon castle in the act of Investiture as Prince of Wales. The acclaimed series ‘The Crown’ recounts it in detail. Before reaching the age of majority, young Carlos studied at the University of Cambridge until […]

New York marks the arrival of 2021 with an almost deserted Times Square

New York, Jan 1 (EFE) .- Unlike what happened in the last century, New York marked the arrival of the new year with a practically deserted Times Square, in which only a handful of essential workers and the agents deployed in the area were able to witness the descent of the iconic and huge ball. […]