Bulgaria celebrated 114 years of independence

Bulgaria celebrated 114 years since the country’s declaration of independence. The center of the celebrations was the ancient Bulgarian capital Veliko Tarnovo, where in 1908 Prince Ferdinand, together with Alexander Malinov’s government ministers, read the Independence Manifesto. President Rumen Radev did not show up for the celebrations. He congratulated a Facebook post on the 114th … Read more

They seized machine guns from the military plant “TEREM – Ivaylo”, each for 20,000 euros

– – The photo is illustrative PHOTO: Pixabay – “Military Police” and SANS are investigating the theft of machine guns from the military plant “TEREM – Ivaylo” EOOD in Veliko Tarnovo. An inspection of the stocks in the warehouse is carried out on the spot and the establishment of possible other shortages. The weapons stolen … Read more

An apocalyptic storm has hit Sofia, it’s scary in the country VIDEO

Heavy rain hit Sofia. Eyewitnesses filled the web with apocalyptic videos showing the power of nature. Subsequently, in some places in the capital, heavy rain was followed by a city larger than a pea. It should be noted that the people of Sofia are also witnessing a natural phenomenon. A great example of the impact … Read more

A mother stabbed her 15-year-old daughter in Veliko Tarnovo

– – – Tarnovka has been in custody for 24 hours after stabbing her 15-year-old daughter in the leg. The drama took place on Saturday night. Earlier in the day, the Veliko Tarnovo police sought the help of the mother, who reported that the girl had not returned. A little later, when a uniformed officer … Read more

Two workers dead, third in serious condition after accident at pumping station in Dolna Oryahovitsa

– – – Two men have died and a third is dying at the Tarnovo Regional Hospital after an incident at a water pumping station in Dolna Oryahovitsa, the town’s mayor, Yordan Baichev, confirmed. The tragedy happened this morning while the three were cleaning a 10-meter shaft in a pumping room of the Water and … Read more

A client disfigured with a bottle in a pub in Tarnovo, dissatisfied with BGN 3,000 in damages

– – Judicial Chamber – Veliko Tarnovo – A client of a tripe market appealed to the District Court in Veliko Tarnovo for a sentence of 2 years in prison and BGN 3,000 in compensation for inflicting moderate bodily harm. The case is scheduled for the week after Easter, and the claims against it are … Read more

John Updike fell in love with Blaga Dimitrova in 1964 in Sofia

With a story about her wins the prize “O’Henry” and John Updike – New Yorker Magazine Blaga Dimitrova with her husband, the literary critic Yordan Vassilev – One hundred years since the birth of Blaga Dimitrova ended on January 2, 2022. The poet was born in Byala Slatina, but grew up in Veliko Tarnovo. Her … Read more

Prof. Rachev: 28 degrees are expected in November – close to a record

– – Prof. Georgi Rachev – Typical November weather – on Thursday, November 4, the maximum temperature in Veliko Tarnovo was 27.8 degrees. On Thursday and Friday – November 4 and 5, we expect absolute maximum temperatures for this season, close to records – almost 28 degrees. All this is due to the fact that … Read more

Delta melts beds for worst cases (Overview)

For the lighter ones they already end in Sofia, Stara Zagora, Sliven, Veliko Tarnovo and Blagoevgrad In “Alexandrovska” so busy that there is no one to beat vaccines – they close the checkpoint for the weekend A much faster rate of exhaustion and filling the capacity of hospitals for intensive care is observed in the … Read more

Another 2 schools in the Veliko Tarnovo region are undergoing distance learning

– – – Students from two other schools in Veliko Tarnovo district are moving to distance learning due to being infected with a coronavirus infection, BNT reports. Positive samples for COVID-19 were given by a tenth-grader from Sofia University “Emilian Stanev” in Veliko Tarnovo and a child from Petko Slaveykov Primary School in the village … Read more