Snow on Petrohan is also expected in Sofia

The Petrohan Pass is completely snowy, the temperature there is currently minus 5 degrees, BTV reported. Visibility is reduced. The situation is the same on the Trojan campaign, where restrictions have been introduced for trucks over 12 tons. The snow will fall today in the low in Western Bulgaria, so expect soon in Sofia, announced […]

And Mariana Popova is leaving! Severe accusations – Curious

Mariana Popova is ready to leave Bulgaria like Zueka. “At the first opportunity, I think it’s time to leave this place where a sick society lives,” singer Mariana Popova told bTV, commenting on her desire to leave Bulgaria after recovering from the virus. The sexy singer provoked a public debate after she posted an angry […]

Among the richest families, only one is not a business empire – the World

Successful business companies are the key to the wealth of the richest families in the world. According to Bloomberg, three families from the United States are in the top 3 of the richest families in the world. The top two – Walton and Mars – are in the consumer goods sector, while Koch’s third place […]

How much is the pension of Kate Euro – Curious

Some of the biggest stars in Bulgaria take pensions, which will surely amaze many of you. Exactly BGN 352 pension one of the primates of the stage – Margarita Hranova. She has applied for the Merit Award several times, but has not received approval. The pension of the actress Katerina Evro is BGN 200, she […]

Sensational version of the death of Marilyn Monroe – Curious

The American actress, the personification of non-female beauty – Marilyn Monroe, was killed because she accidentally came across documents for aliens declassified by US President John F. Kennedy. This is what The Sun writes, referring to a book by British writer Nick Redfern – Diary of Secrets: UFO Conspiracies and the Mysterious Death of Marilyn […]

The hardest confession in life for Alex Raeva – Curious

“My media image coincides with that in life. The biggest truth I’ve learned about myself is that this is the right game for me, and I’m glad I didn’t stumble into building fictional faces. “ This was said by Alex Raeva in an interview with She admits that she took herself seriously years ago, […]

NIMH with terrible news for everyone who is near the beach MAP

As BLIC has already written, the weather in the new week will really be pretty crazy. This is evidenced by the yellow code for strong winds, which is in force for 6 districts in the country for September 6. This is indicated by a reference on the website of the National Institute of Meteorology and […]

Inflation hysteria? Pekanov’s answer – Business

“Increasingly, the issue of the risk of rising inflation is being discussed in the media, so I would like to give some clarification on both points of view in this active debate among macroeconomists. It is important for me that citizens are informed and have an understanding of global processes so that we can make […]