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Prof. Rachev: 28 degrees are expected in November – close to a record

Prof. Georgi Rachev

Typical November weather – on Thursday, November 4, the maximum temperature in Veliko Tarnovo was 27.8 degrees. On Thursday and Friday – November 4 and 5, we expect absolute maximum temperatures for this season, close to records – almost 28 degrees. All this is due to the fact that there is a cyclone in the Mediterranean region and a powerful current is being transported from Africa far to the north by warm air. therefore these are the maximum temperatures. This was announced by Prof. Georgi Rachev to BTV.

In Western Europe it is relatively cooler, even in the Maghreb region there is an anomaly with temperatures of 8 degrees, while in our country it is plus 12 degrees above normal. The degrees are high, especially where the region is particularly sensitive to the Fiona – in the region of the mountains and Central Bulgaria. We expected more rainfall, but forecasts have sharply reduced the amount of rain we will have.

Two weeks ahead in Bulgaria there will be practically no precipitation – somewhere it may rain on the windy slopes of the mountains, but it will be small in quantity. We are currently 3-5-7 degrees above normal and will continue in the coming days. Cooling will start on Tuesday – 14-15 degrees, but temperatures will remain higher for the season. The average November temperature for Sofia is 5 degrees, said the climatologist and recalled that on November 4-6 before 33-1988, there was 39 cm of snow in Sofia.

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