Brad Pitt is dating singer Like Lee

Brad Pit Photo: Instagram Brad Pitt is dating singer Like Lee, who lives just minutes from his home in Los Angeles, writes The Sun. The Hollywood star has been dating the Swedish pop singer since the middle of last year, a source claims. Brad Pitt and Like Lee have been spotted having dinner together. The […]

A Macedonian saw a woman being dragged near Nevestino, signaled to the police

PHOTO: Archive A Macedonian truck driver has alerted police to what he said was a crime. The circulator traveled to the Gueshevo border checkpoint and explained that on the way he noticed a man dragging a helpless woman to the baira in the area of ​​Nevestino. He told this to the border police as soon […]

Putin: Don’t worry, everything is fine, they are testing me

Vladimir Putin PHOTO: Reuters Russian President Vladimir Putin, who was spotted coughing during a live televised government meeting, assured officials that it was good and that KOVID-19 was being tested virtually every day, Reuters reported. “Don’t worry, everything is fine. They test me practically every day not only for KOVID-19, but also for any other […]

Toshko Yordanov watches cars, turns his back on politics (photo)

Toshko Yordanov / left / talks to other fans of Japanese cars While party leaders in Sofia are excited about Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev’s new political project, Toshko Yordanov, deputy chairman of “There Are Such People”, is looking at cars. He was spotted at a festival for Japanese cars in Kaloyanovo. So far, “There […]

In Kirillovka, a little boy on the beach was drinking beer

Photo: frame from video Child drinks beer on the beach in Kirillovka While relaxing on the beach, the boy quenched his thirst with beer near his parents, who were actively talking and did not notice what was happening. In the resort of Kirillovka on the beach, a little boy drank beer from a bottle while […]

They detained 69 migrants who set fire to the forest above Ihtiman

Illegal migrants PHOTO: Reuters 69 illegal migrants were detained in the forest above Ihtiman, BNT reports. They were on the territory of the state hunting farm Eledzhik. The group was spotted by a farm employee who was patrolling. In just one week, this is the second large group of illegal migrants to be detained in […]