Spotify Market Entries on Marinomed Pascal Schmidt, Amazon, Ingersoll Rand, among others

Eine Auswahl der Redaktion von und Austrian Stocks in English: A good week for ATX TR and a wild week for S Immo ShareholderWelcome to “Austrian Stocks in English – presented by Palfinger”, the new and weekly Spoken summary in English for the Austrian stock market, placed every Sunday in the predominantly German-language […]

Ornella Koktová upsets: Halina Pawlovská manages to keep her breasts calm

The mother of three, Ornella Koktová (29), went to the market with her skin on and showed her secret makeup. She has a special adhesive tape, thanks to which she manages to create such a charming neckline that she looks like she has just stepped off the plastic surgeon’s table. Hats off! stutterer she stepped […]

Easter holidays in NRW: when and where traffic jams are likely

On the Rhine and Ruhr. NRW starts the Easter holidays. The ADAC expects heavy traffic jams on the motorways from Friday afternoon, including around the Easter weekend. – Gýs ejf 3-6 Njmmjpofo Tdiýmfsjoofo voe Tdiýmfs jo Opsesifjo.Xftugbmfo jtu ejftfs Gsfjubh efs mfu{uf Tdivmubh wps efo Ptufsgfsjfo/ Obdi efn Voufssjdiutfoef jn Mbvgf eft Obdinjuubht ibcfo tjf […]

Ukrainian wants to get out of the waiting state – dpa

Olha wants to stay in Germany, for now. The young woman with the big smile says she knows a number of compatriots who have returned to Ukraine in the past few weeks – because they could not have endured it without their relatives or because they found it difficult to get used to local customs. […]

Easter in NRW: when and where traffic jams are likely

München The ADAC warns against full streets around the Easter weekend. Maundy Thursday in particular can be expected to cause traffic jams on the motorways. – The ADAC believes that travel on the motorways over the Easter weekend is likely to be greater than in the two previous years. For the first time since 2019, […]

(Moon Knight) 9 Easter Eggs and Interesting References Episode 6

*Spoiler Alert: This article contains leaked serial stories Moon Knight episode 6 which may annoy those of you who haven’t watched it yet. – I don’t feel it, serial Moon Knight has reached the end of its first season. This sixth and final episode finally answered the audience’s questions who were curious about the hanging […]

It gets crowded on these highways

– Stay Heavy traffic is expected on motorways over the Easter weekend. – (Photo: dpa) – – – – Düsseldorf Next weekend (April 8th to 10th) it should be “lively at times” on the motorways, predicts the ADAC. This is how eight federal states start the Easter holidays. This attracts many travelers, especially in the […]