Russian Advances and Ukrainian Offensive in the Battle for Ukraine

Russian Advances and Ukrainian Offensive in the Battle for Ukraine

Russian missile and drone strikes against Ukrainian targets have not been very strong this week. There were only two major strikes that were not aimed directly at military targets, but at infrastructure for the export of agricultural crops in and around Odesa. Especially in the second attack, these targets were actually hit, making it more … Read more

They seized machine guns from the military plant “TEREM – Ivaylo”, each for 20,000 euros

– – The photo is illustrative PHOTO: Pixabay – “Military Police” and SANS are investigating the theft of machine guns from the military plant “TEREM – Ivaylo” EOOD in Veliko Tarnovo. An inspection of the stocks in the warehouse is carried out on the spot and the establishment of possible other shortages. The weapons stolen … Read more

The United States gave Ukraine the location of the cruiser “Moscow” before it was sunk

– – The flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet – the missile cruiser “Moscow” sank – The United States has exchanged intelligence with Ukraine on the location of the Russian missile cruiser Moscow before the strike in which the warship was sunk, BTA reports, citing the Associated Press. A US official said yesterday that … Read more

They are buying French and Swedish missiles for BGN 1 billion for two warships

– – This is what new warships should look like, according to Lursen’s visuals. – l For Panther helicopters take torpedoes, they will be able to hit submarines l The military has released 17 specifications for weapons in demand, followed by public procurement The two new warships that the Ministry of Defense ordered from the … Read more

A new problem in the coalition: Slavi’s people ban masks and vaccines

– – Prof. Andrey Chorbanov – A new division is forming in the ruling coalition amid scandals over the election of a BNB governor and the sending of military aid to Ukraine. This time the reasons are completely contrary to the changes agreed by the government in the Health Act, which “There is such a … Read more

Hristo Grozev: There is a Bulgarian connection in the list of Ukraine with 620 Russian spies

– – Hristo Grozev – At first reading, the list of 620 active Russian spies circulated by Ukraine’s military intelligence shows no people in Bulgaria. However, there is a connection with our country – people who communicate with the Bulgarian military union “Levski”. This was said by the executive director of the investigative publication Bellingcat … Read more

The United States withdrew its warships from the Black Sea

– – Photo: Pixabay – The United States has withdrawn its warships from the Black Sea, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told reporters. He said the US command considered such actions reasonable when it saw that a Russian military special operation in Ukraine was becoming inevitable, BGNES reported. “To make it clear to everyone that the … Read more

Zakov will convince NATO that we are a good member without being a hawk

– – Dragomir Zakov Photos: MO – The removed Yanev left him a good legacy – money for the team and new equipment. And the unelected (and because of the president) Tagarev – good rhetoric A total change in the Ministry of Defense a day after it received a new incumbent is not yet visible. … Read more

Valery Todorov: Martial law will be declared in Russia

– – Valeri Todorov PHOTO: Rumyana Toneva – Martial law in Russia is expected to be voted on Friday, which means that information and public life will be under control, the organization of the rear will look different. This will untie the hands of the military, explained Valery Todorov, a former correspondent in Russia, on … Read more

Gen. Zapryanov: We are witnessing a war, there are operations all over Ukraine

– – Gen. Atanas Zapryanov STAFF: Nova news – “What we are seeing is a war according to all the canons of military science. We do not see operations only in the separatist regions, but throughout the country. It is no surprise. The creation of a military offensive group of 200,000 people in the form … Read more