Snow on Petrohan is also expected in Sofia

The Petrohan Pass is completely snowy, the temperature there is currently minus 5 degrees, BTV reported. Visibility is reduced. The situation is the same on the Trojan campaign, where restrictions have been introduced for trucks over 12 tons. The snow will fall today in the low in Western Bulgaria, so expect soon in Sofia, announced […]

Emotional letter of thanks from Alejandra Ferrer

Emotional letter of thanks from Alejandra Ferrer. The president of the Consell de Formentera, Alejandra FerrerOn August 21, she shared an emotional letter of thanks on her social networks because she had been diagnosed with breast cancer just one year ago. «I want to take this anniversary to thank each and every one of the […]

Datascrip Introduces the Canon MP250 Mini Wireless Projector Yogya

PT Datascrip as Canon’s authorized distributor in Indonesia presents a mini-sized wireless portable projector, the Canon MP250. This projector comes with dimensions of 12 x 12 x 3.3 cm and weighs 407 grams. This projector equipped with an internal battery can display images up to a size of 93 inches from a distance of 3 […]

Most rain has fallen in Targovishte and Montana, it will rain again tomorrow

PHOTO: Pixabay The day in Eastern Bulgaria started today with heavy rains. Here are the quantities that fell in the places with NIMH stations – almost 30 l / sq.m in the village of Stevrek, Targovishte region, which is close to Kotel. In the afternoon, nearly 30 liters per square meter fell in Montana. There […]

Forecast: Temperatures will exceed normal values

Anastasia Stoycheva STAFF: BNT Permanent warming begins in the country. This is commented in “The day begins” on BNT on the first day of the astronomical summer the weather forecaster Anastasia Stoycheva. After the rains and the cooling in the first half of June, the temperatures will now exceed the normal values ​​for this period, […]

A powerful thunderstorm hit Bulgaria

Photo Facebook / Meteo Balkans A very powerful thunderstorm has formed over Central Bulgaria. This became clear from a post on the Facebook profile of Meteo Balkans. “In the photo we also see overshooting tops – powerful upward movements of the air. Excellent indicator of powerful processes in the storm, we expect a big hail […]

Want to See Super Blood Moon tomorrow? It’s Time and Way Yogya

The appearance of the moon Supermoon in the Jogja Kembali Monument (Monjali) area at 18.10 WIB, Friday (7/5/2020-) Wednesday, May 26, 2021, a rare natural phenomenon will occur, namely Super Blood Moon or Super Red Moon or in astronomical terms commonly known as Total Lunar Eclipse (GBT). The Indonesian National Aeronautics and Space […]

Severe winter in late March

Snowdrops PHOTO: Pixaybey Rain and snow will fall in almost the whole country from Saturday to Wednesday, Nova TV reported. A Mediterranean cyclone passes over Greece and Turkey, which will affect the southern half of our country during the day. There will be more significant clouds and rainfall in Central Southern and Southeastern Bulgaria. It […]