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Delta melts beds for worst cases (Overview)

For the lighter ones they already end in Sofia, Stara Zagora, Sliven, Veliko Tarnovo and Blagoevgrad

In “Alexandrovska” so busy that there is no one to beat vaccines – they close the checkpoint for the weekend

A much faster rate of exhaustion and filling the capacity of hospitals for intensive care is observed in the current COVID wave.

The total number

admitted to hospitals

remains under

the extreme

spring levels

even after two consecutive days with the horrifying nearly 6 and nearly 7,000 infected. As of October 27, however, there were a total of 7,325 hospitalized, while in April there were more than 10,000.

However, hospitals in many places are already suffocating, because in the current delta wave the beds for the most severe cases are filled very quickly. There are currently 608 people in intensive care – only 164 less than the record in April, when 3,000 more patients were hospitalized.

Late in the afternoon yesterday in Sofia there were only 45 free intensive beds out of a total of 314, allocated for patients with COVID. Among those for patients without complications, the situation was better – 1488 employees out of a total of 3272. Due to the lack of intensive beds, the capital’s RHI convened the heads of hospitals yesterday.

At most

up to 10 days

the capacity of

hospitals will

will be filled, predicts the mathematician from BAS Prof. Ognyan Kunchev.

“There are no more than 100 free intensive beds left. We have nearly 7,500 hospitalized and 9,000 beds for COVID patients. Things are escalating. The element that is going against us is unstoppable. I don’t think it is necessary to experiment with soft measures “, he told Nova TV.

In most large hospitals in the capital, Stara Zagora, Blagoevgrad, Veliko Tarnovo and Sliven, there is already a shortage of beds for uncomplicated patients, an inspection of “24 hours” showed.

Only 2 free

had in


at 4 p.m. on Wednesday. The emergency hospital also had 8 intensive care units and 2 children’s beds, but the doctors expected to take care of them by the end of the day.

The situation is similar in Alexandrovska, where it is becoming increasingly difficult for medics to take on all patients. Due to the overcrowding of the staff, the immunization center will probably not work there this weekend.

For 35 of the 36 occupied intensive care beds announced its director Atanas Atanasov, who explained that so many more places can be opened, but there are no resuscitators.

The capacity was 100% full at 4 pm on Wednesday at the St. Anna Hospital. A total of 176 beds were discovered there, 20 of which were intensive.

The same is in the university hospital “Queen Joanna – ISUL”, where 150 beds have been opened, 20 of which are intensive. As soon as a bed is vacated, it is immediately occupied.

In order to be able to increase its capacity to a total of 250 beds according to the provisions of the RHI, three days ago the Military Medical Academy transformed 6 more of its clinics into COVID zones. So there are 220 beds for uncomplicated patients and 30 intensive care units, but most of them are already occupied.

So far, patients outside those who need resuscitation and are being referred to hospitals with one have not been returned to the capital’s infectious diseases hospital, said the director, Prof. Tatiana Chervenyakova.

“We have free beds, but there is constant movement. In the morning there were 120 patients, now there are fewer. We have not refused and we have the opportunity to accept, “she explained.

In the hospital

has not stopped

the admission of children

– as with COVID,

so with others


diseases, added Prof. Chervenyakova.

More than half of the beds to be opened by the capital’s Second City Hospital were already occupied yesterday. There should be a total of 48 for patients in moderate condition, 26 were admitted.

“The situation is dynamic – we wrote 3, we accept 4. For now, there is room for uncomplicated patients “, explained the director of the hospital, Assoc. Prof. Stefan Uzunov.

Only 2 days ago, 100% of the capacity of the Mother’s Home in Sofia was occupied. There are a total of 60 beds for pregnant or postpartum women with the infection. They managed to cure a large part of their patients and discharge them, and on Wednesday the employment there was 60%.

The situation is calmer in the Sheynovo General Hospital, where only one pregnant woman with COVID was admitted on Wednesday.

Total set aside in Sofia

beds for

pregnant with

coronavirus with

about 100

and so far there is no problem with finding places.

The situation in the largest hospital in Stara Zagora – University Hospital “Prof. Dr. Stoyan Kirkovich ”. Of the 191 beds for COVID, 177 were occupied by noon on Wednesday, 14 of them intensive.

All 51 beds in the private hospital “Trakia” are occupied, and the last 4 of them were opened yesterday. There are also 6 intensive. New patients are immediately placed in the place of the discharged. In the intensive sector there are

a woman who is

intubated by 30

days and doctors

are struggling

for her life

All 120 beds, 7 of which are intensive, in the Sliven Regional Hospital “Dr. Ivan Selimanski” are also already occupied. The patients are redirected to the private and military hospital in the city, because the district hospital does not have the capacity to open more beds, explained the deputy director Dr. Hrisant Hrisantov.

The beds for COVID patients in Veliko Tarnovo are also running out. To accommodate the avalanche-growing infected who need hospitalization, the district hospital opened 20 extra beds and they became a total of 288, of which 22 intensive.

“Currently, 231 are employed, 13 of them for intensive care patients, but things are quite dynamic. Hospitals are restructuring wards, there is no other way out, but they are almost at their maximum capacity. There is a possibility to open 7 more beds in the lung hospital “Dr. Treiman”, commented the head of RHI Dr. Evgenia Nedeva.

according to her

it is the biggest

the pressure on


system in

Veliko Tarnovo,

as in MOBAL “Dr. Stefan Cherkezov” the most severe cases from the whole area are accepted.

In the hospital in Gorna Oryahovitsa, 24 of the 77 beds are free, and in Pavlikeni and Svishtov the hospitals have 40 beds each and can take 13 and 10 more infected people, respectively, according to RHI data.

Lyaskovets district was the first to cross the border of 1,000 patients per 100,000 people, followed by Veliko Tarnovo with 838.75.

They have 20 free beds in the regional hospital in Targovishte, 60 people are currently being treated, 5 of them heavy.

They have less than 100 free beds in the Burgas region. There are 275 people in hospitals and 364 beds are available, of which 24 are intensive.

The severe cases in Burgas are growing with each passing day, the health inspection there is categorical.

Only 2-3 vacancies are reported in the hospitals in Blagoevgrad region, and in one of them – the Southwest, the capacity is full. The number of hospitalized in the district is 357, of which the most – 110, are in MHAT – Blagoevgrad. However, more beds can be found there in the gastroenterology department, so the situation is currently under control, says the head of RHI Dr. Kaloyan Kaloyanov.

Problem though

are hospital

shots that are

tired, others

they are


and required to take tests.

There are several vacancies in all three hospitals in the Kyustendil region, but they are quickly filled.

The situation is calmer in Plovdiv, where they have 220 free beds for patients in uncomplicated condition and 43 in need of intensive care, RHI said. The total number of beds in the city is 958, and those for intensive care – 129.

166 are currently vacant beds in Varna hospitals. Of these, 159 are inpatient and 7 – for intensive care. However, 480 people are hospitalized, said the director of RHI – Varna, Dochka Mihailova.

In Silistra district, which has also entered the dark red zone for two days, there are not enough nurses and after a meeting of the district crisis headquarters an appeal was made to medics from other medical institutions and departments to take shifts in COVID zones. No responders have been reported so far.

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