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They seized machine guns from the military plant “TEREM – Ivaylo”, each for 20,000 euros

The photo is illustrative PHOTO: Pixabay

“Military Police” and SANS are investigating the theft of machine guns from the military plant “TEREM – Ivaylo” EOOD in Veliko Tarnovo. An inspection of the stocks in the warehouse is carried out on the spot and the establishment of possible other shortages.

The weapons stolen from the factory are of the Vladimirov large-caliber machine gun type, intended for mounting on armored vehicles. They have been disarmed. However, they are widely used in countries in Africa and Asia, as they are sold on the secondary arms market. There, they are a powerful tool for terrorist and anti-terrorist actions, he said Bulgaria on Air.

“The kebab-shaped cartridge, imagine the damage it can inflict on an unarmored or lightly armored target. It’s designed to destroy outdoor manpower, light earthen shelters, and combat in urban conditions,” he said. the journalist from the “Wings” magazine Dimitar Stavrev.

Despite security, according to unofficial information, the machine guns were taken out of a warehouse window, where they are stored.

“Why are these critical infrastructure sites guarded by a security company and not by servicemen? The answer is because we have no troops. I don’t think a critical infrastructure object should be guarded in this way. This is a dulo that weighs 52 kg, with the cartridge box they become 65 kg, ie we are talking about something that a person with poor physical data can hardly take out, even more than a storage area. So, obviously insiders are involved “, the journalist suspects.

This type of weapon is particularly convertible because of the war in Ukraine not only because of its efficiency and compactness. Such equipment is most often sold through established channels.

“In my opinion, it will be quite difficult to move across the border. There must be an organized channel, ie it must be worked out, there must be no physical check at the border,” Dimitar Stavrev suggested.

Each of the machine guns is estimated at about 20,000 euros.

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