Xbox Game Pass prices won’t go up if Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard

Microsoft is still trying to convince regulatory bodies about its intention to buy Activision Blizzard, which could be closer to completion if the European Commission approves it. The UK Markets and Competition Authority recently expressed concern about the possibility that the company decided to increase the price of its subscription plans of Xbox Game Pass […]

Guilty Gear Strive already has a release date on Xbox Game Pass

Guilty Gear Strivethe acclaimed 2D fighting game from Arc System Works (Dragon Ball FighterZ, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax), coming to Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Xbox One on 7 of March of 2023, according to the Microsoft Store (va Wccftech). That same day it will also be included in the Xbox Game Pass […]

NASA Warns of Large Asteroid Approaching Earth

Asteroid. © Kaulitzki/Science Photo Library/Corbis Reporter: Fauzan Jamaludin – NASA warns that there will be a giant asteroid 89 feet wide past Earth today, Wednesday (14/2). GizChina reported, this asteroid by NASA is called Asteroid 2023 CJ1. For that, they said they were getting ready. But mankind need not worry. The reason is, […]

Second round of presidential elections in Slovenia

The second round of presidential elections is taking place in Slovenia today. According to the results of the first round, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia, Anže Logar, representative of the center-right Slovenian Democratic Party, was in the lead. However, polls show that in the second round her opponent, a centre-left independent candidate, […]

Steps for overtaking cars correctly | Technology and cars

Ammon – Overtaking cars while driving is a matter that requires caution and caution during exercise, so other cars should not be overtaken unless there is an urgent need to do so; For example, overtaking a car that moves very slowly or slower than normal traffic, which allows you to overtake this car, taking into […]

Crossout is already ready for its ninth Battle Pass

Live service titles appear with great regularity, but few survive in this competitive market. Crossout isn’t bad, though, as it’s already time for the ninth Battle Pass. It comes with the Big Chase content update, which runs until October 16. In it, players get a new map in the form of Peaceful Atom, a map […]

Valheim will come to Xbox Series and Xbox One in the spring, included in Game Pass

Valheim will premiere in Xbox Series X/S y Xbox One en primavera 2023, as announced by the development studio Iron Gate Studios and the publisher Coffee Stain Publishing in the Xbox Games Showcase Extended broadcast on June 14. In addition, the title will be available from launch on Xbox Game Pass compatible with Xbox Cloud […]