DHF mosquitoes breed in the rainy season, prevent this

GenPI.co – Cases of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) are said to increase along with the change of seasons each year. DHF can cause serious bleeding, a sudden drop in blood pressure that can lead to death. For this reason, it is necessary to take preventive steps from upstream to downstream. This step is often referred […]

Rare Phenomenon, Fish Rain Happens in US Sky

loading… A rare phenomenon occurred in the US, where dozens of fish fell from the sky. These aquatic animals are actually sucked up by the waterspout and then dropped from the air. Photo/The Texarkana Gazette WASHINGTON – Rare phenomenon occurs in Texarkana, United States of America (USA), where dozens of fish and other water-based animals […]

Entering the Rainy Season, Dengue Fever Cases Increase

MADIUN, KOMPAS.TV – During December to January 2022, cases of dengue fever or DHF patients in Madiun district continued to increase. This can be seen at the Caruban Madiun Hospital, which is currently treating 17 DHF patients. High rainfall at night and the hot sun during the day make the dengue mosquito grow rapidly. As […]

The weather is crazy! Prof. Rachev forecasts up to 15 degrees in …

New Year’s time will be warm and relatively dry. There will be no snow. This is what the climatologist Prof. Georgi Rachev predicted on bTV. He added that in Haskovo and Stara Zagora at midnight on January 1 we can expect temperatures in the range of 12-15 degrees. “In recent years, we have a modern, […]

Danger of ice! The rain will turn into snow

Overnight it will be mostly cloudy and light rain will fall, in places along the Danube the rain will mix with snow, there will be conditions for ice formation. The NIMH warns about this. The minimum temperatures will be mostly between 0 ° and 5 °. In Sofia – about 3 °. Tomorrow morning the […]

In Greece, storm triggered floods: a man died

In Greece, storm led to floods Because of the rains, rivers overflowed their banks – villages and houses were flooded, trees were felled. Firefighters found the body of a 55-year-old woman who died. In Greece, a storm hit the northern and western regions. About it informs Reuters Sunday 12 December. Bad weather provoked floods. As […]

The situation in Nedelino municipality is critical after heavy rains

The situation in Nedelino municipality is critical after heavy rains on Saturday. This was announced by Mayor Boyan Kehayov. Late tonight, he wrote on his Facebook account: All day we receive signals of damage and damage from the incessant rain and the strong wind in the whole municipality. The situation in Nedelino is critical as […]

Index – Domestic – Warning about torrential rain and snow

On Thursday we have to prepare for heavily rainy weather all over the country, in Transdanubia the snow and tin rain can alternate, while in the northwest it can snow. In the east and south, rain will be the determining factor, it turns out National Meteorological Service from your weather forecast. Thursday morning weather forecast. […]