Against the background of the growth of sick children: Will schools close again?

Against the background of the growth of children and young people with COVID-19 – what measures does the state plan to take? Our country has a sufficient stock of 690,000 tests until the arrival of new supplies, assured the Ministry of Education in connection with the suspension of the procedure for purchasing gentle tests for […]

Record increase in COVID-19 cases globally

Anti-record of new cases of Covid in the world More than 2.8 million new coronavirus infections were confirmed per day, most in the US, France and Italy. The day before, 2,809,570 new cases of coronavirus were recorded in the world – a record high since the beginning of the pandemic. About it testify data from […]

Another 1,716 infected with covid – 12.64% of those tested, 40 died

Boom of the infected in Sofia 1716 have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in Bulgaria in the last 24 hours. This is 12.64% of the 13,567 people tested. Although the number of infected is less than on Saturday, the percentage of positive samples is higher. 73.02% of new coronavirus infections have not been vaccinated. During the […]

Do omicron gas vaccinated like wild boar alfalfa

Only one area – Kardzhali, is still relatively few infected with covid, all the others are in dark red or red today. The average total morbidity for the country is already 648 per 100,000 population. For the last 7 days the growth of the infected is 113% compared to the previous 7 days. The MP […]

Assoc. Prof. Glomb explained with what symptoms the vaccinated drive Omicr …

In our country, due to the low number of immunizations and relatively few patients, Omicron will reach many people who will actually meet the coronavirus for the first time. There are cases in which they get sick with a booster dose, but let’s not forget that vaccinated people get sick slightly. This was stated on […]

World Record of COVID-19 Cases Per Day Updated

The incidence of coronavirus has sharply increased in the world in recent weeks In the world, for the first time during the coronavirus pandemic, more than 2.1 million infections were detected per day. A new daily record for the increase in coronavirus has been set in the world. According to the site WorldometersOn January 3, […]

Alarm! Two died with Omicron

The first two deaths of Omicron-infected people have been reported in South Korea, Ryonhap reported, citing health officials. “Health authorities in Gwangju, 329 km south of Seoul, say tests of two recently deceased coronavirus patients in the city have tested positive for the Omicron strain. These are the first deaths caused by this variant of […]

France tightened quarantine restrictions for children

In France, children from six years old were obliged to wear masks amid rising infections The French authorities have tightened anti-corruption measures against the background of the fact that more than 200 thousand infections were detected in the country per day. In France, starting Monday, January 3, children from six will be required to wear […]