See who will be in the new office “Donev 2”

President Rumen Radev signed decrees for the dissolution of the National Assembly on February 3 and for the appointment of a caretaker government, the press office of the head of state announced. With the decree, President Rumen Radev scheduled parliamentary elections for April 2, 2023. From February 3, 2023, a new caretaker government is appointed, […]

The war in Ukraine is already lost, a coup is expected

Russians will answer for themselves that the country is ruled by an old dictator and tyrant, said the political analyst A coup in the next 12 months is very possible, Galyamov believes “The war is already lost. The Russian economy is collapsing,” said former Putin speechwriter and political analyst Abbas Galyamov. Galyamov gave an interview […]

Missing Martin from Varna found dead

Martin from Varna, who disappeared more than 10 days ago, was found dead. This was announced by his sister on social networks, where she had earlier made an appeal for his search. Here is what she wrote: It is with great sadness that I announce that my little brother is no more. Thank you very […]

The one who is for a short time rules best

On Friday, the longest-serving official completed 186 days A person is a minister temporarily, but a citizen forever, explains Minekov as if to say goodbye Thank you for six months ago showing courage, and perhaps a touch of recklessness, in agreeing to be ministers and give up your right to private peace. Despite all the […]

The Velchev brothers bought the Swiss division of the Russian VTB Bank

Bulgarian banking brothers Milen and Georgi Velchevi have bought the Swiss commodities trading business of Russia’s VTB Bank PJSC (a company whose capital is divided into transferable shares of equal value), thus opening the way again for the company, reported Bloomberg. The agency points out that the Swiss commodity trading and financial outposts of the […]

Geshev in the US Congress, talking about how the prosecutor’s office is fighting Russian intelligence, a congressman hugs him

He presented the congressmen with plaques Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev participated in an international discussion dedicated to the consequences of Russian aggression in Ukraine, which took place in the US Congress in Washington. The forum is organized by Congressmen Robert Aderhold and Pete Sessions. Congressman Joe Wilson, founder of the Group for Friendship with Bulgaria […]