Yanev’s cabinet proposes an end to the sale of Bulgarian passports

A total ban on obtaining Bulgarian citizenship in exchange for investments, the so-called scheme of “golden passports”, proposes the caretaker government. According to the office of Prime Minister Stefan Yanev, two texts should be deleted from the Bulgarian Citizenship Act – one is for naturalization of family members and investors themselves, and the second is […]

The richest Bulgarian: German media about the rise of Vladimir Tenev

Vladimir Tenev PHOTO: Personal Profile On Facebook “Vladimir Tenev and his business partner Baiju Bhat have big plans, they want a real revolution.” German media about the 34-year-old billionaire of Bulgarian origin Vladimir Tenev, co-founder of the company “Robinhood”, writes Deutsche Welle. Several German media outlets are paying attention these days to a young man […]

In the end, the caretaker government changed the board of BEH

The BEH building Photo: Archive The caretaker Minister of Energy Andrey Zhivkov, in his capacity of exercising the rights of the state as the sole owner of the capital of Bulgarian Energy Holding EAD, today dismissed the Board of Directors of the company consisting of: Valentin Nikolov, Diyan Dimitrov, Ivan Andreev, Stelian Koev and Alexander […]

Official: British tourists are coming! – 24chasa.bg

British tourists drop off their luggage for inspection. PHOTO: Reuters Bulgaria was placed on the green list of the British government. This means that tourists can now come to our country without quarantine. The change comes into force on July 19 at 6 o’clock Bulgarian time. Bulgaria and Hong Kong are in the so-called completely […]