January 16, World Corona Update: 94 Million Cases

KOMPAS.com – Spread corona virus in the world is still increasing day by day. Launch data Worldometers, until Saturday (16/1/2021) morning, total cases Covid-19 in the world there are 94,235,212 (94 million) confirmed cases. Of these, 67,290,722 (67 million) patients recovered, and 2,015,946 people died. Up to now, there are 24,928,544 active cases with details […]

Indonesia earthquake has caused 35 deaths, 600 injuries, 16,000 people lost their homes_Majene

Original title: Indonesia earthquake has caused 35 deaths, 600 injuries and 16,000 people lost their homes China News Service, Jakarta, January 15 (Reporter Lin Yongchuan) According to the Indonesian National Disaster Reduction Agency, the 6.2 magnitude earthquake that occurred in Majene County, West Sulawesi Province, Indonesia in the early morning of the 15th has caused […]

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Priced at Rp. 18 Million, Many Promos During the Preorder Program

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Foto: Samsung jpnn.com, JAKARTA – Samsung Electronics has just launched the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which is claimed to provide the best coveted device needs. “The Galaxy S21 Ultra is living proof of how Samsung is constantly driving innovation to provide the best personalized experience,” said Samsung Electronics TM Roh, President and […]

Oppo Prepares a New Flagship Smartphone

Render Oppo Find X3 Pro. Foto: Gizmochina jpnn.com, JAKARTA – Oppo reportedly working on the latest smartphone that is ready to be launched, one of which is the Find X3. Even though this device has been leaked several times, but the smartphone manufacturer from China does not want to officially confirm it. Quoted from Gizmochina […]

Samsung Indonesia Is Increasingly Proving Cheap Cell Phones with Large Batteries

Samsung Galaxy A02s. Photo: ridho jpnn.com, JAKARTA – Samsung Electronics Indonesia has just hit the entry level mobile market with two new products, the Galaxy A12 and A02s. Both are present with more capable performance than their predecessors. One of them is a large capacity battery. Samsung admits that a large battery is an important […]

4 These Foods Are Effective To Lower Cholesterol After New Year’s Eve

Food illustration. Photo: Pixabay jpnn.com, JAKARTA – YEAR new is indeed the moment anyone has been waiting for. Usually people spend New Year’s Eve by eating any food. This of course will increase cholesterol levels. However, you don’t need to be dizzy. There are several foods that can lower cholesterol levels quickly, as reported by […]

Eryck Amaral Claims to Have Two Children Before Marriage with Aura of Love

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – The shocking news came from her husband Aura Kasih, Eryck Amaral, who claimed to have had two children. This confession was revealed from the upload Instagram story-nya which showed Eryck making a video call with two little girls. Also read: Sued for Divorce Aura Kasih, Eryck Amaral Writes a Message for his […]

A Doctor in Boston Experienced Severe Allergic Reaction After Injection of Moderna Vaccine

KOMPAS.com – A doctor in Boston, United States, reportedly developed severe allergies after receiving coronavirus vaccine production Modern on Thursday (24/12/2020). The doctor was Hossein Sadrzadeh who is a Geriatric Oncologist at Boston Medical Center. He admitted that he had a severe reaction immediately after being vaccinated. Launch Reuters, Sadrzadeh said, he felt dizzy and […]