Coronavirus Omicron has spread in 17 regions of Ukraine

Omicron was found in most regions of Ukraine The Omicron strain is not yet dominant in Ukraine. The incidence has been rising for three weeks in a row. The Omicron coronavirus strain has been recorded in 17 regions of Ukraine, but it does not dominate yet, said Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko at a meeting […]

Poland and Estonia update daily growth of COVID cases

Anti-record COVID cases recorded in Poland and Estonia The head of the Ministry of Health of Poland, Adama Nedzielski, said that this is not the last anti-record incidence of coronavirus in the country. In Poland over the past day, January 21, 40,876 cases of coronavirus infection were recorded, which is the second “record” figure since […]

The Ministry of Health expanded the orange zone to 10 regions

Photo: Chernivtsi Regional State Administration Orange quarantine zone rapidly expanding in Ukraine The worst situation is in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, where three critical indicators have already been exceeded. In Ukraine, the orange quarantine zone has expanded to 10 regions amid a sharp deterioration in the situation with the COVID-19 coronavirus, although the day before it […]

Germany introduces new quarantine rules

Bundesrat approves new quarantine rules in Germany The Minister of Health of Germany at a special meeting of the Bundesrat noted that the pandemic had reached a “turning point”. The Bundesrat, which represents the interests of the Länder in the German Parliament, has approved new quarantine rules for those infected with coronavirus and contact persons. […]

Who is the bald man who succeeds Minister Hugo de Jonge? Hard…

Ernst Kuipers will take the place of Hugo de Jonge in the next cabinet. According to him, public health needs someone with expertise, who can make decisions quickly without first consulting the Health Council. Portrait of a passionate physician who sees it as his task to make Dutch healthcare future-proof. .

Don’t Panic, This is Omicron Treatment Recommendation from the Ministry of Health

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The number of confirmed cases of Omicron in Indonesia has increased again. Based on data from the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes), there were 57 additional cases, bringing the total Omicron confirmations to 318 as of Friday (7/1/2022). For residents exposed to Omicron, the Spokesperson for the Covid-19 Vaccination of the Ministry […]

COVID-19 in Peru: this is how the vaccination of children between 5 and 11 years will be developed in the coming weeks coronavirus minsa ministry of health pfizer third wave hernando cevallos nndc | PERU

Government will develop in the second half of January vaccination against coronavirus (COVID-19) to children from 5 to 11 years old, after managing to inoculate more than 80% of the target population and in the middle of the advance of the third wave. Last Tuesday, Health Minister, Hernando Cevallos, indicated that the first batches of […]