Causes, how to treat & the difference with mastitis

Jakarta – A breast abscess is a lump filled with pus that grows under the skin due to infection. These abscesses usually form during breastfeeding, but anyone, regardless of gender, can get one. Although all genders can experience it, this lump is more often experienced by women who are breastfeeding. Based on research, as many […]

A crime that shakes Libya

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A young Libyan man burned his five family members, after he poured gasoline around the house and set it on fire while they were sleeping. And the Libyan Ministry of Interior revealed, in a statement, the circumstances of the killing of a family of 5 members in the city of Gharyan, west of […]

Their prices reach 500 thousand riyals • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Citizen Hassan Al-Sala narrated the story of his work in the profession of making daggers. He said during an interview with the “Saudi Arabia” channel: “I have been working in the profession of manufacturing daggers and daggers since childhood, and it was the main profession of my grandfather and father, and I inherited […]

There Are Three Causes Of Your IQ Lowering, One Of The Consumption Of Unhealthy Foods

SAMBAS WARTA – Intellectual Intelligence (IQ) is of course very important for every human being, the higher the value, of course the better. But there are several things that must be avoided, so that intelligence, which is closely related to cognitive abilities, does not decrease. IQ (Intelligence Quotient) is a term used to describe the […]

Gb: car production at its lowest since 1956 – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – LONDON, JAN 26 – Britain’s annual car production fell to its lowest level since 1956, largely due to the global shortage of semiconductor chips, according to industry data released today. About 775,000 cars were built last year by the country’s primarily foreign-owned vehicle makers, down nearly ten percent from 2021, the Society of […]

Why is facial skin darker than skin on other body areas? Here are 7 reasons!

Stylecraze Illustration of facial skin is darker than body skin CewekBanget.ID – Who’s color skin her face was darker in comparison with skin color area body other? Sometimes this makes us wonder, girls. Why can this happen? Not just one, it turns out skin color face which is darker than other areas of the body […]

I wanted to scare you! • Observatory Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Lebanese journalist, Ali Ajami, justified his kissing the hand of a famous Snapchat, Rahaf Al-Qahtani, as evidence of respect and appreciation for women. Ajami documented a video clip accompanied by Rahaf Al-Qahtani, and jokingly spoke: “For the first time in my life, and the last time I kiss one hand, I don’t […]