Rhino’s eyesight is so bad, the woodpecker saves it from danger

Rhinos do have sharp hearing and smell, but they can’t see far. Roan Plotz, a behavioral ecologist at the University of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia, said the rhino’s vision was very poor near blindness. This makes it difficult for the rhino to see danger even though it is close to him. .

Mumtaz Rais Donates IDR 100 Million Asks for Gus Miftah’s Support

Yogyakarta, CNN Indonesia — A video featuring the Chair of the DPP PAN Organizational Development and Membership (POK) Ahmad Mumtaz Rais viral on social media. The son of Amien Rais asked for support from the Ora Aji Islamic Boarding School led by the preacher Gus Miftah |. In the one-minute video, Mumtaz, who calls himself […]

Given a month after the complete vaccine for COVID-19

loading… YOGYAKARTA – During a pandemic, patients hepatitis B Those who have been injected with the COVID-19 vaccine cannot immediately receive hepatitis vaccination services. New hepatitis patients can be vaccinated after a month of receiving a complete COVID-19 vaccination. This was conveyed by Dr. Krisma Kurnia, Sp.PD FINASIM from Siloam Hospitals Yogyakarta in health education, […]

Schedule of the 2021 Liga 1 Second Series, Persebaya Meets Arema FC and Persija

MUHAMMAD ALIF AZIZ MARDIANSYAH/BOLASPORT.COM Illustration of League 1 2021 BOLASPORT.COM – PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB) will hold the second series match League 1 2021 of Central Java and Yogyakarta. Previously, the first series League 1 2021 will be held at the DK Jakarta, Banten, and West Java. Second series League 1 2021 is planned […]

In addition to the location of the discovery of a human skeleton sitting cross-legged, here are 4 facts about Parangkusumo Beach, Bantul

A pilgrim and courtiers are preparing for the ritual of anchoring offerings at Parangkusumo Beach, Bantul some time ago. A cross-legged human skeleton was found on this beach on Tuesday (21/9/2021). (Source: Kompas.tv/Kurniawan Eka Mulyana) YOGYAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – Residents around the Parangkusumo tourist site, Bantul, Yogyakarta Special Region (DIY) were shocked by the discovery of […]

Small Notes of Venzha Christ Live Simulation of Life on Planet Mars (Part VII)

4. Communication protocol The communication protocols in the MDRS and Shirase simulations are similar. Each crew must carry a radio communication device with them wherever they move. The goal is to record crew activities that will be reported by the crew acting as journalists to the control station on earth. In the MDRS simulation, the […]

Tourists Fill Yogya, Sultan: The goal is for Red Yogya?

Yogyakarta – Tourists meet Yogyakarta although the province has not yet opened a tourist destination. The Governor of the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X questioned the destination of the tourists. “Lha pie (hey how), wong it’s hard for us to tell everyone. That what, tourism in Yogya is the same […]

Amien Rais Shows Nose Lifting Presidential Discourse 3 Periods, Who?

Yogyakarta – Chairman of the Syuro Assembly Ummah Party Amien Rais said that the 1945 Constitution amendment plan had been discussed since 2019. Amien Rais also revealed the parties who discussed and raised the discourse. “Indeed, the amendment plan (the 1945 Constitution, regarding the presidential term) has been discussed since 2019 by the pro-Jokowi figures,” […]