‘Mother Solo’, a dating teacher who made reporters tired of Mosol.

▲ Yes. Everyone was solo when they were born (Photo: Game Mecca) There is a myth that if you don’t have a relationship for 30 years since you are born, you will become a’wizard’ who can use magic. When you can use magic, your life becomes very rich, and a reporter, a mother-in-law for 30 […]

This is how Messi, Cristiano, Ramos and Iniesta win and invest | Markets

The taste for brick is a common denominator among the main soccer stars. And the highest paid player in the world, Leo messi (It is estimated that he charges almost 50 million euros a year from FC Barcelona), he is no exception. The Argentine has invested a lot in hotels and already has properties in […]

Unexpected! This is the motive for the shooting of the textile boss’s car in Solo

Solo – The police are still investigating the case the shooting of the car in which a textile factory boss was boarding I (72) in the City Solo, Central Java. The motive behind the cowboy action turns out to be business-related. “While the motive is a business relationship, we are still investigating, the investigation continues,” […]

Complete Details of Toll Fares from Jakarta to Semarang-Solo-Surabaya

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – With the implementation of collective leave from October 17 to November 1 2020, many people will plan to go out of town. The busiest flow of vehicles, of course, comes from Jabodetabek in this direction Surabaya. The flow of vehicles to Central Java and East Java using the toll road is predicted […]

Shortly before dying, this woman was asked by the killer to state the ATM PIN page all

KOMPAS.com- Police uncovered the findings of a woman’s body in a burning car in the district Sukoharjo, Central Java as a case of premeditated murder. Before being found in a burning car, the victim was named Yulia (42), a resident of Baluwarti, Kliwon Market, Solo, was killed first on Tuesday (20/10/2020) evening. Apart from killing, […]

Yulia’s body burned in the car is buried tomorrow morning

Solo – Yulia corpse (42), a woman who was found burned to death in a car in Sukoharjo, will be buried tomorrow morning. The body is planned to be buried in Delingan Memorial Park, Karanganyar. After the autopsy, Yulia’s body was buried in her husband’s family home, Gambuhan Village, Baluwarti Village, Kliwon Market, Solo, Wednesday […]