‘Sudhakaran, Nassar and Chittaranjan are conspiring against me’; CPM councilor Shanawas involved in drug trafficking controversy

Alappuzha: The CPM councilor of Alappuzha, who was involved in the drug trafficking controversy, has come forward with allegations against senior leaders. Shanawaz alleged that former minister G. Sudhakaran, Alappuzha CPM district secretary R. Nassar and PP Chittaranjan MLA are conspiring. Shanawaz has given a letter to the Alappuzha North Area Committee clarifying this. Shahnawaz […]

Vulgar Video Controversy: Alappuzha CPM might take action against more members

Earlier Alappuzha South Area Committee member AP Sona was expelled from the party Alappuzha: CPM is preparing to take action against more people in the incident of recording obscene videos of party supporters on their phones. Earlier Alappuzha South Area Committee member AP Sona was expelled from the party. An explanation will be sought regarding […]

The attempt is to portray the former as a communalist- K. Surendran, the left is poisoning the food | BJP in school arts festival controversy

BJP state chairman K. Surendran said Mohanan Namburithi was tempted to be portrayed as a communalist due to the food controversy at the school’s arts festival. Food poisoning is leftist. Surendran also said that there was a common agenda behind the allegations. Surendran said there was a political agenda behind Minister Mohammad Riaz’s response to […]

Displeased, the governor relented; Saji Cheriyan is minister again – Saji Cheriyan

Thiruvananthapuram ∙ Governor Arif Muhammad Khan has finally accepted Prime Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s recommendation to reinstate Saji Cherian, who resigned 6 months ago following his unconstitutional speech. Saji Cherian is to be sworn in at Raj Bhavan today, 4. The governor gave permission for the swearing in after conveying the message to the prime minister […]

EP ‘Happy New Year’. Jayarajan; The CPM secretariat discussed the allegation

Thiruvananthapuram: There is currently no investigation into the allegations against EP Jayarajan. Today’s CPM Although the illegal acquisition of property was discussed at the state secretariat meeting, the CPM state secretariat has decided not to investigate the EP for the time being. EP Jayarajan attended the meeting and explained what he had to say. It […]

pornographic pictures on the phone; CPM investigation against zone committee member | CPMs | Alappuzha | Manorama News | Latest News | AP Sona | Porn in the phone | R Nasser Latest news

Party investigation against a zone committee member of CPM in Alappuzha for recording obscene images of women on his cell phone. AP was a zone committee member, former block chairman, and DYFI joint district secretary. The complaint is against Sona. The footage was found when some people checked the cellphone dropped during an argument. Then […]