two cancerous growths removed by Jill Biden

This Wednesday, January 11, the presidential doctor in the White House, Kevin O’Connor, announced that doctors had treated the American First Lady, Jill Biden. He indicated that two cancerous growths it had been removed during the operation. “All of the cancerous tissue was successfully removed. We will be monitoring the area closely as it heals, […]

Republicans elected to the House of Representatives attack abortion

Even if these two texts have almost no chance of being voted on definitively, given this the senate is still democratic, their meaning is largely symbolic. Although Republicans have recently been the majority in the US House of Representatives, they adopted, on Wednesday January 11, two texts against abortion. The first resolution condemns the attacks […]

The United States will deploy a new Marine unit to Okinawa, Japan

The United States will deploy a new mobile Marine Corps unit to the Japanese island of Okinawa to bolster the defense of Japan, which is worried about China’s activities, Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin announced Wednesday (January 11). . “We will replace an artillery regiment with this force which will be more lethal and more mobile” […]

US and Japan extend defense deal to space

On Wednesday, January 11, the United States and Japan agreed that their security and defense agreement also applies to space. Any incident in space could trigger Article 5 of the defense treaty between the two countries which states that an attack on one is an attack on the other, US Foreign Secretary Antony Blinken said […]

The NYPD attacker on New Year’s Eve has been charged federally

A 19-year-old American who attacked police officers with a machete on New Year’s Eve in New York City has been charged federally, including with attempted murder of state officers, a federal prosecutor announced Tuesday (January 10). . The radicalized young man, Trevor Bickford, who wanted to carry out a jihadist attack that evening, is accused […]

How to turn food into superfood?

Superfoods don’t have to be exotic and expensive. There are many common foods in our diet that are rich in protective nutrients and provide health benefits. Furthermore, we can enhance their nutritional qualities by choosing them well and preparing them in a certain way. Already buying seasonal and, if possible, local. In fact, this is […]

Why are 90% of ER staff in Pontoise on sick leave?

The crisis affecting public hospitals in France continues to worsen. Emergencies are at the forefront of this crisis. overwhelmed, they are no longer able to handle the incessant flow of patients. Adding to this structural crisis is the current triple epidemic of Covid-19, influenza and bronchiolitis. Faced with this dramatic situation, “90% of the adult […]

Frenchman accused of NFT fraud arrested in New York

A 24-year-old Frenchman was arrested at a New York airport on suspicion of defrauding buyers of NFTsthese digital reproductions that are shaking up the art market, the US Department of Justice announced Thursday. Aurélien Michel sold NFTs – theoretically unforgeable digital certificates of authenticity – promising his customers “many perks and rewards“, accuses American justice. […]