Microsoft lists the rest of October’s Game Pass games. One or two nice titles

The Game Pass library has already received a lot of nice additions this October, but Microsoft does not seem finished yet. Among other things, we have gained access to Turtle Rock’s zombie killer simulator Back 4 Blood, which, among other things, has been signed to start charging regularly, as well as entertaining base builder action […]

Dbrand stops selling its PS5 panels. After warning letter from Sony

Earlier this year wrote about the company Dbrand which was not allowed to sell alternative panels for PlayStation as Sony considered that the panels in question are part of the PS5 IP. Dbrand chose to shit in the warnings and still started selling their own designed versions of the wings. But now Dbrand has had […]

Idag sl├Ąpps Crysis Remastered Trilogy. Will it run Crysis? Jajemensan!

A year ago, a refined version of Crysis was released that offered a slightly nicer experience and now it’s time for the entire trilogy to be enjoyed in nicer attire. Crysis Remastered Trilogy has been released and can be played on Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC and Switch. The game of course makes playing on […]

Therefore, Apple is trying to stop page loading by all means

Apple has now released a report that points out the risks of so-called side loading. IN the report the risks to the mobile ecosystem appear if side loading is allowed. According to Apple, the threats have been exacerbated by increased reliance on mobile devices, which are driven by the corona pandemic. The reason for Apple’s […]