Microsoft lists the rest of October’s Game Pass games. One or two nice titles

The Game Pass library has already received a lot of nice additions this October, but Microsoft does not seem finished yet. Among other things, we have gained access to Turtle Rock’s zombie killer simulator Back 4 Blood, which, among other things, has been signed to start charging regularly, as well as entertaining base builder action […]

Apart from the iPhone, this Android Smartphone can no longer use WhatsApp – Some types of iPhone devices will no longer be able to use the WhatsApp application starting November 1, 2021. Not only the iPhone, it turns out that some Android devices will no longer be able to use the popular instant messaging application in the coming weeks. For iPhone devices, WhatsApp can no longer […]

New York Stock Exchange Welcomes First Bitcoin Linked Index Fund

Proshares’ Bitcoin ETF, listed from Tuesday, is based on Bitcoin futures contracts. Cryptocurrency is at its all-time high. Proshares will be, this Tuesday, the first company to offer an index fund indirectly linked to cryptocurrency listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The US stock market policeman, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), this time […]

Some iPhones Can No Longer Use WhatsApp, Which Model? – WhatsApp has just shared a list of devices that will no longer support their messaging app from November 1, 2021. For iPhone devices, those that can no longer use WhatsApp are devices that are still running on iOS 9 or earlier. WhatsApp itself is known as an instant messaging application that is widely […]

Dbrand stops selling its PS5 panels. After warning letter from Sony

Earlier this year wrote about the company Dbrand which was not allowed to sell alternative panels for PlayStation as Sony considered that the panels in question are part of the PS5 IP. Dbrand chose to shit in the warnings and still started selling their own designed versions of the wings. But now Dbrand has had […]