Our 5 tips for a good start to “Mario Golf: Super Rush”

Do you always end up in the rough? Do your approaches consistently land outside the green? Can’t understand why you constantly find yourself lagging behind when speed golfing? Here are our tips for beginners to help you get started this Mario Golf : Super Rush . 1. The special move is a move that is […]

Watch trailers of Nintendo’s biggest news at E3

Sao Paulo – Nintendo made this Tuesday (15), the last day of the event, its presentation and revealed a lot of cool stuff with news like Metroid Dread, a package of surprises from Legend of Zelda, Martio Party Superstars, Mario Golf: Super Rush, among other cool revelations. So how about taking a look at the […]

Katy Perry leaves clues about her Pokémon song on Spotify

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Pokémon, the famous pop singer, Katy Perry, wants to contribute a song. To get the mood going, she leaves a cryptic message on one of her Spotify playlists. If you take a closer look at Katy Perry’s new Spotify playlist, you will see that the first letters […]

“Super Mario Bros”. A game cartridge sold for 660,000 euros, a record

It’s a record: a game cartridge « Super Mario Bros. » for the NES console was auctioned for $ 660,000, or more than 560,000 euros, at an auction held in Dallas, United States, this Friday April 2. According to specialists, this game ticked all the boxes to be sold at a high price, report our […]

Littlewood finally appears in Europe and Australia

In North America is Littlewood available for a month. Now the funny simulation game appears in Europe and Australia for the Nintendo Switch console. From March 25, 2021 we can enter the world of Littlewood immerse yourself in activities such as fishing, farming and cooking. A relaxed simulation with lots of small tasks is to […]

The mother of all entertainment industry battles: Sega vs. Nintendo

VALENCIA. The story is known. In the 80s they could be very naive and wear shoulder pads, but they knew that in the future everything would be computers. Many children started going to computer classes and Spectrum was sold at the tip of the bucket. This was the people’s computer, with its limited color palette, […]

Ten anecdotes to know about the Mario Kart video game

Who hasn’t celebrated a victory one lap ahead of their friends? Took a blue shell in front of the finish line or missed a turn that was a little too tight? The players of Mario Kart know these feelings of joy or frustration all too well… But do you know the secrets that surround one […]