Netflix revives the old zapping of the tv with a button to know what to watch

Netflix confirmed the proof of a random mode on your platform, which prevents the user from choosing what he wants to see. The online platform will reach the world throughout the first half of 2021. Netflix referred in the results of the fourth quarter of 2020, the test of a feature that allows users see […]

This is how music was listened to before the existence of Spotify

It was in 2006 when one of the applications that revolutionized the world of music arrived. It is the original Swedish application, Spotify, a multiplatform used for the reproduction of music via streaming. Since its launch, the famous app has a premium business model and a basic free service with advertising. At the premium level […]

Sortify, to sort your music collection on Spotify

Spotify ranks high among streaming music service providers. In addition to the music catalog available, its social functions and its recommendation algorithm make the experience with this service a richer one, in relation to what can be obtained from other platforms. If you use this platform to listen to music, the following tool could be […]

Fernando Benavides told us what is behind the successful podcast ‘Fausto’

The fusion of elements such as a heartbreaking story, real testimonies and a great adaptation have achieved that the streaming audience has placed this podcast in a privileged place among the contents that are offered; The success was such that the second season was recently released, also with favorable numbers and the possibility of a […]

The best podcasts of the week: ‘Damn Poverty’

‘Mordelones’ Spotify Studios & Gimlet Available on: Spotify VMÁS RATING: 9/10 Make brushing time fun with this morning and evening show for kids. They will hear jokes, riddles, stories, fun facts, silly songs and more that will keep them smiling and brushing for a full two minutes, as recommended by dentists. “Biters” will have the […]

Spotify For Ios 6.1 6 Scaricare

Spotify for ios 6.1 6 scaricare. 11/05/  is there any way to download Spotify on ios whenever I try to install it says it’s only available for ios 8 and then doesn’t appear in my purchased any help would be appreciated. 03/02/  I have the exact same problem. ios Version is as far as my […]

Bridgerton caused quite a stir among Spotify listeners

Were you whistling the soundtrack of Bridgerton this week? You are not the only one … In fact, it appears that Lady Whistledown and the cast of the series Fury of Netflix caused quite a stir among listeners of Spotify. Globally, the music streaming platform has seen an increase in Bridgerton-related playlists and instrumental pop […]

Danny Ocean’s “I Refuse” Sets Record on Spotify

Reggaeton Danny Ocean reached one billion views on Spotify for his song “Me rehúso” and dedicated his achievement “to the Venezuelans who have been forced to leave their country.” The interpreter and producer made special mention of his compatriots when referring to the 80 million people in the world displaced by persecution, conflicts and human […]