Spotify shuts down its Car View mode

Spotify has now announced that they are “retiring” their Car View mode, reports Android Police. The situation was to make Spotify easier and safer to use while driving with a more stripped-down user interface. In a post on Spotify’s forum, a moderator writes that Spotify is currently exploring several different ways to improve the Spotify […]

Winamp will be resurrected amidst the siege of streaming music players, like what?

Winamp re-developed. (Source: XDA Developers) JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – A PC-only music player application called Winamp is rumored to be resurrected with some of its latest updates. To note, Winamp had become a legendary PC music player since it was first launched in 1997. Its popularity as the best media player for PC began to fade […]

Spotify Trial Vertical Video Feed

User can swipe up and down to browse feed video discover they. Including tapping hearts or giving like if you like the video. JAKARTA – Spotify is back with a significant update by creating columns feed just complete the three pre-existing columns, namely the column with the name “discover“. One of the users who found […]

Spotify tests vertical video feed similar to TikTok – Época Negócios

+ Spotify may start to offer video feed like TikTok (Photo: Disclosure) O Spotify showed interest in expanding its area of ​​expertise, beyond traditional streaming. This Thursday (25), the platform announced that it is testing a version of the application with a vertical video feed, similar to TikTok, which follows the music catalog in the […]

Flemish musicians are also not a fan of the shuffle button on Spot…

You listen to an Adele album in the order in which the British singer serves it to you. She forced the popular music streaming service Spotify to disable their much-used shuffle button, which means that music lovers can no longer (easily) listen to the songs in a random order. “As it should be”, many Belgian […]

Spotify: Albums are no longer played at random “for Adele”

Music albums are no longer played in random play mode by default on Spotify. Previously, the so-called “Shuffle” mode, which plays songs in random order, was also preset when playing albums. If you wanted to play an album in the order specified by the musicians, you had to manually deactivate random playback. With the change, […]

Spotify is now karaoke: How to see the lyrics of the songs to sing?

Written in TECHNOLOGY the 21/11/2021 · 23:00 hs There were thousands of requests from users asking Spotify to show the lyrics of the songs while listening: The platform listened to the people. The new “lyrics” function was activated, which will allow people who have a free and paid version to see the lyrics of each […]

Snapchat and Spotify apps were temporarily down

The specialist site Downdetector indicated a failure of the social network as well as the music streaming application for at least an hour on Tuesday evening. Unsplash. By the editorial staff Published on 11/16/2021 8:54 PM Reading time: 1 min MOn Tuesday evening, several users of the Snapchat social network as well as Spotify indicated […]