The ancestor of FPS “GoldenEye 007” will be released on Nintendo Switch and Xbox platforms on January 27! The Japanese release is scheduled for 2023! -funglr Games

“Apex Legends”, “VALORANT”, “Counter-Strike” and “Call of Duty”, etc., which operate characters from a first-person perspectiveFPS(First-person Shooting) game is inOne of the most popular game genres in the world。Many FPS games are basically free to play, and the easy-to-use feature makes such works occupy a large seat in the download version market and e-sports competitions.Nowadays, […]

Nintendo announces what to do when condensation occurs on Nintendo Switch

The official Twitter account of Nintendo Support will be on January 23 (Monday) on Nintendo Switch.What to do if condensation occurswas officially announced. Condensation may form on the game console if the temperature of the place where the game console is placed suddenly changes. If condensation occurs, turn off the power and put it in […]

Report: Nintendo will increase production of Switch consoles this year

Semiconductor shortages in the past few years have greatly hampered production for all the big players in the industry technology industryGames giant Nintendo has also scaled back its production of Switch consoles, however, now with a fading trend Chip crunchThe company is preparing to ramp up Nintendo Switch production, according to a Bloomberg report. The […]

Nintendo Switch successor coming in 2024, Nikkei reports

Article: Alberto Garrido – The Nintendo Switch is just two months away from its sixth birthday.Nintendo’s hybrid console is alreadyThe fourth best-selling console of all time(The latest figures show that there are already about 120 million units in households worldwide), and the company estimates it will sell another 20 million in 2023. However, it […]

Mystic Messenger Roleplay – Grupo de WhatsApp

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie – Germany date postponed to April – ntower

Actually should There Super Mario Bros. Movie will be released in local cinemas on March 23rd. However, this date has now been postponed without any major announcement, so that we only from April 6th Experience Mario’s adventures on the big screen. Thus the Germany date was given to those of Italy, Greece, Finland, Slovenia, Ecuador, […]