Guide. Should you buy the Nintendo Switch OLED?

With its pretty colors displayed, its larger screen, its more accomplished crutch… It is sure, it makes envy the Nintendo Switch OLED! We were also able to try it for a long time and we are rather convinced. Despite all of its good qualities, that doesn’t automatically mean you should buy it. At 350 euros […]

GAMES. Metro test de Nintendo Switch OLED

Four and a half years after the Switch and two years after the Switch Lite, Nintendo introduces the Switch OLED to the world. Is the console worth it? We looked it up for you. Door Thomas wallemacq &nbsp- 14/10/2021 om 06:00 The new Nintendo Switch OLED has been officially available since last Friday. A few […]

Switch problems with Joy-Con operation may never get a solution

Nintendo has published questions and answers with Ko Shiota and Totu Yamashita, two of the company’s top senior hardware managers, ahead of the launch of the Switch with OLED screen. Among other things, the managers talk about how Nintendo has continued to make improvements to the hardware in the Switch since the launch in 2017. […]

Universal Studios Japan gets Donkey Kong world

In March, the Super Nintendo World theme park opened at Universal Studios Japan. Now it is clear that the park will be expanded and get a new Donkey Kong world based on the famous video games, reports Kotaku. Donkey Kong creator Shigeru Miyamoto will co-create the theme park with the Universal Studios team. The New […]

The Game Awards 2021 Announces Event Dates, Here’s the Schedule!

Jakarta – The Game Awards, will be back for his fans. They also announced the implementation date, which will air in December. “Save the date, Thursday, December 9. Broadcast live from Microsoft Theater, Los Angeles and broadcast live anywhere. Celebration of video game culture globally,” wrote The Game Awards, quoted by detikINET from Twitter, Saturday […]

Nintendo says that a 4k-Switch is not under development

On Wednesday reported Bloomberg that Nintendo has urged developers to develop games in 4k resolution for an upcoming, or possibly discontinued, “Switch Pro”. Nintendo has now gone out with one press release where the company says that Bloomberg’s information is not correct. “To ensure that our investors and customers have the right information, we want […]

Pokémon Legends: Arceus Introduces New Scyther Evolution

When the second-generation Pokémon games appeared, Game Freak seized the opportunity to provide some of the first-generation Pokémon with a new evolution. Chansey became Blissey, Seadra got Kingdra, Onyx turned into Steelix, and Poliwhirl could suddenly turn into Politoed, just to name a few. Another Pokémon that was reshaped was Scyther, who became one of […]

Metroid Dread seems worth the long wait | preview

It may have taken a while, but Metroid Dread will finally be released in October. ‘Finally’, because it is not only the first Metroid game in HD, but also because the name ‘Dread’ has been circulating in all kinds of rumors for more than ten years. For die-hard Metroid fans, this is a special event. […]